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Here we can have open conversations about hifi gear. You can talk about your experiences with headphones, speakers, amps, dacs, or what ever else you might find interesting in the hifi space.

Post your gear below and have fun : D

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Anyone know of a decent eq for car audio? I’m taking the stock stereo line level audio to a low level converter into two amps right now.

I was looking at audiocontrol units, they seem to have good reviews.



It depends on your setup and what you are trying to accomplish.

Generally speaking I try to avoid any sort of equalization because it adds more “stuff” in the audio path and tends to degrade the audio more than anything else.

I try guiding people to investing their money in better speakers, sound treatment, and crossovers before diving into Equalizers.

But again, without knowing what your system is and what you are trying to accomplish, its hard for me to recommend anything.

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Two Kenwood amps, one 4 channel 720w the other 1000w mono. Driving focal 6.5 components in front with crossovers and focal 6.5 coaxial rears. Two 10" jl sub’s.

The sound quality is great but I feel the frequency band needs to be flattened out. I’d do this with the head unit normally but the stock one only does treble mids and bass.

And the HMI functions as the stereo, climate control and vehicle settings, so its not getting replaced.

Also, some equalizers act as a high to low level audio converter, allowing me to remove my current one.



Speaker setup: $30

Headphone setup: $800

Totally balanced.



I have found that with same equalizer my headphones and speakers sound the same, like only the direction of that “oomph” changes

and as thats just my own experimentation, I have tried to test people whenever I have in my mind to show that, and so far its just been positive feedback that its more clear, which has been my ideology & goal too to just ramp up that clarity

Other effects are that with headphones I’m able to listen music louder without it causing eye squinting, which is nice when I feel like just blasting that music

Whats the trick?
Pre amp down till nothing chokes, even if it means pulling shit down -40db

My ears turn it like this:

23999 is just test, it does nothing

Bonus note:
Trying to scale EQ lower so that pre amp wouldnt have to pull things down only makes audio mud
Bonus bonus note:
Have to have right mood to do these things
Super bonus note:
There is nice symmetrical pattern to that thing, would be interesting to add more knobs to have “complete” ear profile like that

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Selling my CAL!2 to test out a few other options in the same price range (US$100-US$120), what do you guys recommend?
I like a v-shaped sound signature instead of flat, already ordered a JVC Ésnsy HA-SR85S the other day but that one will be my basshead one.



If you would be willing to spend a tad more money, the fostex t50-rp v3 is really good and you can mod them to sound insanely good.

Another option is the beyer dynamic dt770. You can find them on sale for ~150.



On the Linux side there is pulseeffects

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US$150 is a tad too much, around US$120 i can declare them as costing US$100 and get past the customs office when they (eventually) arrive in Brazil.
I paid US$70 for the JVCs and they will come from Japan, lets see how that will work out…



Home theater:

Klipsch RF 62ii front speakers
Klipsch RB 61ii rear speakers
Klipsch RC 54ii center channel
Defitive Tech Super Cube 300 subwoofer
Denon CI 3313 reciever.
Oppo BDP-103 Blu-Ray, SACD, DVD/A player

Looking at upgrading the reciever next month to a bit more power and want 4K/HDR


FIIO E17k Dac/Amp
FIIO K5 Amount
Sennheiser HD 558 headphones

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I’ll post my systems as well.

Home Theater:
Monitor Audio Bronze 6 L/R speakers
Monitor Audio Bronze Centre center speaker
Monitor Audio Bronze FX rear surround speakers
João Yazbek’s AAT Cube Rakt 12 inch sub
Denon AVR-X2400H receiver
Sony DVP-NS900V SACD/CD Player

Computer desk + headphones:
Polk Audio TSi100 (thinking about upgrading to MA Bronze 2s)
Onkyo Integra A-817XD integrated amp (JDM, 1988)
Creative X-Fi Go! Pro DAC
JVC Ésnsy HA-SR85S headphones
Creative Aurvana Live! 2 headphones.

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Forgot to add my disc spinner thanks for that.



Ah, I see. Well you could also try the audio technica ATH-M40X. They sound nearly identical to the old audio technica M50s.

They don’t have the most V sound signature, but they are very nice sounding headphones for the money. I think you would like them more than the JVCs.

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I had a random issue with my Onkyo and my computer, its an old amp so it has quite a “hot” input, the volume was always waaay too exagerated, the X-Fi Go fixed this issue, it also improved general quality…



M40X has a much more balanced sound than the M50 and M50X. All of them have some pretty terrible pads though, so expect some money invested in pads as well. Unless you like headaches, of course.

Status Audio CB-1s (aka somic rebrands) are a great option if you don’t want to spend more money on pads. Build does leave a little to be desired though.

Takstar Pro82 has been quite popular as well and is very comfortable stock. V-shaped.

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Tried it before, not my vibe, in my opinion i think its still lacking in comparison with my CAL!2…



I’ve been hearing about this model for a while, i’m seriously thinking about picking one up…



I almost did myself. Under $70 on ebay from China, plenty of very positive reviews too.

Then I realized how little I used my Status Audio CB-1s as portable cans and forgot about it. My headphones are for home usage and my IEMs are for when I go out. And I don’t need more headphones at home lol.