Hey I have got a Question

Hello,The end of win 7 approaches and I will be jumping ship.Out of laziness can you recommend.Plus there is not a whole lot out there on compatibility with in my knowledge .
What, if any,wireless keyboards and mouse or QWERTY with track pad work in a Linux environment. Where can I find info on such that’s not out dated. I am looking for something I can use from couch to tv.
Considering Manjaro or ?? Debian based distro. Please help if you can.I am a nube and need help with finding a compatibility list or what have you. Please. Thanx in advance.
Remember, I am pushing 60 ,don’t be a cunt. Thanx.Cheers

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Pretty sure anything will work


Really! even my old faithful logitech 400.

Older hardware generally works well with Linux.
Especially on distributions like Linux Mint or Ubuntu.

And if you prefer something based directlly of Debian,
and you are not comfortable with going with Debian itself.
Then MX linux is a really good choice.

Manjaro is also an easy to use distro.
However this distro is rolling based on Arch,
so it might break more often then Deb based.


To be completely honest he will have less of a bad experience if he just rolls debian… its extremely stable and very difficult to break

Plus I mean I am the author of this and can vouch that its on my parents PC’s

@fishisteve when it comes to desktop environments they are dime a dozen but if you want the traditional unix gnome 2 linux ish type experience… just go with MATE

If it aint broke why fix the experience right?


Keyboards and mice use standard drivers, you’d only need Linux compatible software for additional features like rgb or macro keys, but the basic functionality will work


Yeah I know about the breaking if you don’t set up updates properly in Manjaro. I think I handle that. But hardware peripherals like wireless keyboards.It is hard to find what works best. Hardware period you guys in the know should take advantage of the exodus. The more the merrier right?Really most people are ready for new builds I know I am . I have a AMD A10 7700k in a Asrock MB using integrated graphics in the still very sexy Fractal 804 case which I am going to build in again.

Running updates in Manjaro, its kinda better to do that via Terminal.
Because pamac and octopi aren´t reliable.
Manjaro broke a couple of times on me already using the gui updater.


You really cant put those two and reliable in the same sentence.

Manjaro is like stable arch… its gonna break because its parent breaks

Yeah well i also have an issue with the Ubuntu Mate LTS updater,
believe it or not likely a broken package. haha.
However now days i just use apt upgrade. lol.

Manjaro same thing, just use the terminal for installing updates.
And if it still breaks for whatever reason, then its indeed likely an Arch thing.

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just simplify your life girl… use unattended upgrades

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Fair enough, I am sure there will always be a solution. But my original question was wireless keyboards and such. Not just with Manjaro but Linux environment period. There is an exodus coming and people need to know how much is still compatible and what to stay away from. I want to know about wireless keyboards. The hot tuna’s for nubes is Debian based or Arch. If you like to game game and stream rubbish. So help me out here.

It depends on the keyboard. Debian is more likely to support more hardware much like Fedora… and Ubuntu

The more you descend into esoterica the less you find easy support

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Still I am on about wireless keyboard from my couch. I have half a neuron and will find a base and distro. I like KDE and Xfce . So… wireless keyboards ?Anybody.

Honestly take your pick haah


This would be the better for what you stated

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Yeah most keyboards and mice should work fine i think.
But the only thing is that fancy gaming keyboards,
often depend on software for their gaming features.
And that is something that won´t work with linux in general.

So yeah if you are looking for a keyboard etc,
then look at those who don´t need software for its additional features.


If you have corsair the there is a unofficial Linux port of their software called cmk. But in general all keyboards and mice will work atleast for their basic functionality

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and honestly if you have macros you can make a script thats triggered on the macro push button event with a little programming skills…

A good mechanical keyboard is what I prefer but if he was looking for ultimate HTPC sit in my living room laziness that K400 above is hard to beat with integrated multitouch pad

Okay sweet. Thank you. It was just my one last worries that I would have to have some damn cord with 2 cats and a 80lb Labrador. All my fears have been . Are gone . Cheers. All Thunderbirds are go!. Thank you.

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Thank you.