Here's to over 25,000 (yes, 25,000 and counting) bugs Skyrim

Let that sink in for a bit. For those unaware, you can fix thousands of these will these with an unofficial SSE patch. Here’s what the latest version fixes to give you an idea. I was enthralled to see the number of bugs that were patched and opened during the development process:

What do you guys think? I don’t see Bethesda fixing them any time soon, and yet they feel the need to release it every 2 years or so…

I’m very doubtful for TES 6 and it hurts to say that.


Nah, Skyrim is dead to Bethesda. They’re just milking it on console and prepping TESVI.

Unpopular opinion: Bethesda has never made a good game, just a good framework to mod.


So same amount of bugs as Fallout76?


With you on that.
I don´t find the games from Bethesda studios enjoyable. Same as with Blizzard games beeing grindy frames for a short (but good) story.


I enjoy the quest lines in Bethesda, and the stories they write are pretty good, but the game is painful to play for more than an hour or so. You need to heavily mod and break the game in order to make it enjoyable.

Blizzard games, don’t exist post Jul 3, 2002.


Bethesda games in general only seem good for mindless grinding anymore. Community is still supporting the game though so thats a good benefit though when TESVI arrives i suspect this too shall die


It’s an old old engine just upgraded here and there, I mean it’s still Gamebryo at it’s core.
I would be really interested to know how many people just wouldn’t play Fallout 3, NV, 4, Oblivion and Skyrim if there wasn’t any good way to mod it. I don’t think the number would be very high tough because of the “prestige” those titles already have and ppl just support it in hopes it gets better, but it will not in the end, as seen with paid mods(DLC) and more milking of those titles.
All those games are ridden with bugs and Bethesda never really cared for them in the long run; most patches from them barely fixed anything and introduced just new bugs.
That Fallout 76 is ridden with bugs shouldn’t wonder anyone imo.

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I slightly agree. I thought Morrowind, Oblivion, and Fallout 3 were good games. Going to be honest and say I didn’t care for Daggerfall or Arena… And while Fallout 4 is okay, Bethesda did a shitty job at making me give me a shit about Shaun ruining the whole story… And gave me power armor from the start making it a bore. Just waiting for a true Oblivion successor I guess lol

Oh yeah… And Dishonored, Doom, and Wolfenstein exist… Didn’t care for those either. But I did sort of enjoy Dishonored as it reminded me of Assassin’s Creed with evolved mechanics. But those are also made by smaller studios.


Those are not Bethesda Game Studios games, they are just published by Bethesda Softworks.

I thoroughly enjoyed 1st Dishonored, Doom (2016) and Wolf. New Order.

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I tried to make that clear by stating they used smaller studios. I didn’t mind them but they weren’t anything too grand. Dishonored felt the best out of all of them. The rest were overhyped.

Prime example of non-critical bugs.

25,000 bugs, and hundreds of thousands/millions of gameras play and enjoy the game.

no software is or will ever be perfect.


When bethesda makes a moddable game it seems the community will just patch it.

I’d prefer that to a locked down game or an online game.


I don’t think it is an unpopular opinion actually. Most seem to view it that way, to the extent of mods being brought to consoles now too.

I have said before, and still believe, one of these days there will be no more Elder Scrolls or Fallout. Just a blank sandbox and modding framework, after that let then players build the game.

After all they already rely on the users to make their flaming turds actually playable, they release them completely broken!


Some leaks suggested they will use the same shit engine for TES6 as they used for Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 and that’s essentially moded Skyrim engine…

Unfortunately I have absolutely no hope for TES6…

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I have heard the seem thing but no source on it. Supposedly the same engine for the next two games.


“unpopular opinion” is a euphemism for “the truth, but some zealots don’t see it that way”


After reading through this thread, I am once again reminded of the years I wasted hoping the next Elder Scrolls would come out.
Bethesda’s Creation Club is something I refuse to use on principle, whether with Skyrim or Fallout 4. I really like those games, though, and it is too bad Bethesda doesn’t stick to the model that has given their buggy creations such longevity, free and open modding. Without that element, those games would be for sale on Steam for $15 just 3 months after launch.
After the fanbase revolt not long ago over paid mods, they are moving their agenda forward more slowly, and after seeing that Fallout 76 was basically a co-op dlc for Fallout 4, I have also lost hope for the Elder Scrolls 6.
Don’t get me wrong, co-op is fun. And so is single-player. But I have a feeling that Bethesda will end mods with the ES 6. Except through the Creation Club. And since their Club numbers are lower than they’d like, they will probably make a Bethesda account mandatory. This will boost their sales and Creation Club numbers temporarily, but they will go bankrupt in the end and sell out to EA or something.
PS- I am not always a pessimist, and I don’t wish Todd Howard any ill-will, but he needs to reconnect with his customers instead of trying to drag us all along into the microtransaction and data collection circle of hell.

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Good for their time

…Bethesda is dead to me until they prove they are willing to actually sort their shit out.

Here’s hoping that no one pre-orders any of their shit from now on and actually WAITS for proper reviews from now on.

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I still think they compete to be fair. I’m not saying they aren’t a buggy mess.

I’m just honestly not happy with the gaming industry as a whole lately. It all sucks to be quite frank. I’ve noticed I’ve been buying more indie games than ever. Really a testament to the way things are headed. Even have Dolphin set up for emulation and all of those games are bringing back memories too.

I don’t believe good games “age.” I believe engines do and going back to the argument here I think that’s why everyone seems to feel that way. The engine is terrible and Bethesda doesn’t want to fix it.

I tried playing Skyrim a few months ago and couldn’t bring myself to do it. I think that was their turning point really. They destroyed what was fun. They removed the RPG mechanics and made it as grindy as fuck. Mods have tried to address that but it’s still… Just not fun. That’s why I’m not even going to bother buying the DLC for it. I just don’t like it. Same goes for Fallout 4 too. They ditched the RPG mechanics that made their games unique.

That’s why I’m excited for Outer World’s I guess. Let’s hope Obsidian gets it right a second time.

Man, truer words.

Perfect example is oblivion.