Help with PSU

A while back a built a PC that is similar to the link below.

I immediately had issues with BSOD and the PC locking up randomly.  I swapped RAM, GPU and even the motherboard but it didn't help. The only parts left were the CPU and the power supply.  I took an old 550W psu from Sun and swapped it in... No more BSOD or lockups....

Now I have a dilemma.  I thought I was buying the cream of the crop when I picked Corsair.  This was literally the last part I thought would give me issues.  

Where do I go from here?  Should I RMA the CS650M and try again or just return it go with a different manufacture?  If so what manufacturer?

Just RMA ... that is what a warranty is for  ... all components are assembled by humans ... and sometimes even the best fail ... as long as they stand behind their stuff ... it's all good. (PSUs are scary ... it could have been much worse ... it could have taken most of your system with it)

Corsair is one of the holy trinity of PSU manufacturers IMHO

yeah agree just rma it, unless you could bring it back to the shop, and get a new one from a diffrent brand immediatly.

This is my paranoid side talking now.  (Been troubleshooting this for almost a month)

Is there any chance that this FX-8350 is just overly sensitive to changes in power or something?  Just worried because its the only other part I haven't changed out yet...

If i get a replacement CS650M and it still locks up I am probably going to pull my hair out.  

corsair CS units are basicly good units, so if there is a problem with the psu, then it will be with a faulty psu.

Offcourse if there is something wrong with the psu, and lets say some voltages to the mobo arent stable, then offcourse it will be a big issue.

I give up... It just locked up while running on the temp PSU.  No idea where to go from here.  I have swapped every part but the CPU.  :(

What about the hard drive?  Was it a new drive?  One from an old build?  Fresh OS install?

The hard drives were reused but its not them or the OS.  I can actually unplug them and it will still freeze some times in UEFI.   

Do you happen to own a M5A99FX PRO R2.0?

How far have you pushed the OCs in the past?   And do you have any case fans added to the R4?

I have only run it at 4.4GHz and never above 1.4v.  Not including the fan on the Evo 212 and PSU there are 3 140mm fans on the case.  2 pulling air in the front and 1 exhaust in the back.  

RMA, simple. No company is immune to the odd DOA unit. Just sucks you were the unlucky one.

i own Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0.

its pretty similar to the board you have.

i dont think its the cpu, unless its not seated correctly or it runs too hot?  what are the temps you getting?

Do you run overclocks?

How did you overclock?

multiplier or bus ratio?

Try to run everything at stock. reset everything to factory defaults.

which bios version do you use? i would recommend to update the bios to the newest version. bios version: 2501 is the newest.

How can a faulty PSU cause BSODs or lock-ups anyway? If the PSU has a problem, the system will either not turn on or just shut of eventually. So if you swapped everything else, it CAN ONLY be the CPU which you should just RMA it and get a new one.

Its running all defaults right now.  Bios 2501.  

When I was overclocking is was just turning up the multiplier.  

actually ... now and then when a psu goes out  ... it tries kill every they it was attached to

True, but if it does that, you won't even see a BSOD or a lock-up anymore. I'm pretty shure all you'll see is a black screen.

Some new information.  At least some of the system freezing are caused by the fan controller on the R4.

I have disconnected it and moved the fans on to the motherboard but system freezes continue in windows.  They happen either at startup or at times of high cpu usages.  If i run prime 95 the system freezes as soon as I start the test.  If it can make it past the start it usualy continues on for a long time before freezing.

Turning up LLC, Vcore and CPU\NB voltages seems to have little effect.  In fact in some situations the higher the voltage the worse it freezes.  

I may just try rmaing the CPU.  Not many options left.  

set the multiplier back to stock 20.

and bump up the bus ratio instead. maybe you have some kind of the same issue then i have. i cannot bump up my multiplier any much higher then 22, wenn it start stress testing with a multiplier of 23 then my systems freezes aswell.

i dont have this issue wenn i let the multiplier at stock 20, and just bump up the bus ratio a bit.