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Help me Decide please AMD ot Intel

My old server build is starting to fail so I am looking to build a new, current server is running Ubuntu server 18.04 with ZFS, Docker with APPS like reverse proxy,nextcloud, emby ,qbittorrent,unifi controller and UNMS.

Now I cant make up my mind with new build Im looking at Ryzen 5 2600 and Intel I3 9100, the Ryzen I like more as it has more cores and better passmark score, the Intel has onboard graphics with quicksync benefits emby for remote streamers and does not use up PCI slot.
Any thoughts would be really appreciated .

If those are the options 100% 2600 you have much more upgrade paths that still support ECC if you are going to use ECC as well (would recommend X series board to allow splitting of GPU 16 lanes)

(Disclosure I have AMD stock but run intel and amd in my house)

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Try to get a mobo with good intel components like gigabit intel lan and intel wifi

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The Intel board Asrock B365 pro 4 has Intel sata controller and Intel NIC. the AMD board asrocK b450 does not, so thats another thing the Intel supported boards look better.

I dont think I ever heard of that (splitting) would have to research.

not really much of a reason to go with the intel, its slower, has bad upgradebility less pcie lanes. If you upgrade to i5 or i7 you lose ecc support. i3 also comes with a worse cooler, it has 16 pcie lanes where as the 2600 has 20 so the only thing you are saving with the igpu is physical space, which is the only reason to get the i3 and the couple of bux that would go to a dedicated gpu like for ex. a quadro k600.

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If ECC support is important to you,
then i think that AMD would basically be the better choice.
And like @mutation666 already mentioned above,
i think that a X - series board would also be a better choice then B-series,
simply because of the pci-e limitations on B-series boards.
It’s simply more flexible to go with a X470 / X570 board.

Cpu i would actualy go for a 3600 or 3600X instead.
Because those are a bit better in terms of current draw,
then the 2000 series cpu’s.
And also perform better as well.

Motherboard: something like the gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite wifi.
Because intel nic.
Or if you could afford the Asus Pro WS X570 Ace.
This board gives even more flexibility in regards to pci-e slots expend ability.


Wait for B550. That way you don’t have to shell out for X570 and are still good until the end of AM4.

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What/how many expansion cards do you plan to use?

Related to that, what motherboard form factor do you have space for (ITX, mATX, ATX)?

Many Thanks for the great info. I looked into 3600 and will go for that.

I would like to install a 10Gig Network card, I also have a LSI raid controller that I flashed to IT mode, I currentlly have 6 drives and the board has 6 sata so not sure I will still need the HBA . I am looking at 4U case so any board should do.

Thanks will look into that

Ah 6 sata ports required then the Asus board i mentioned above,
is not really a good option.
Because that board only offers 4 sata ports.

Thank you to all that replied, you really helped me make up my mind lol and gave me great reasons why . This forum and members on it rock :))

Last question.
If a GPU is installed will it be taking CPU Lanes away from the 10G card ? or since its not used the nework card will get the bandwidth it needs?

What kind and in what slot of what mobo? :wink:
It all depends. I have a PCIe x1 GPU just for VGA out in my NAS and HBA and 10G are splitting the x16 between each other.

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Was looking at the Nvidia GT710 it looks like it uses x8, with boards I am seeing it has to use 1 x16. What card are you using? x1 slot would be great as I really do not need VGA, This will be headless.

if you slap a adapter on a 16x card, you can connect it to a 1x slot. and it will work, at a reduced speed, which doesn’t really matter if you just need desktop.

But you could go and get something like asrock X470 taichi ultimate as it has 10GBe integrated. It all depends. The board also has 8 sata ports, but is pci-e 3.0 even if you get a 3000 series cpu.

That could be an option indeed.
But then you need to be sure that the said board comes with an updated bios.

In that case, just don’t use one. Board might complain a bit by beeping but who cares… :stuck_out_tongue:

Any GPU will work as a pure display out even with just a x1 connection. So as long as you can physically plug a card into a slot that is running off the chipset, you’re golden. Depending on the board those can actually be x16 in length.

The x1 was unusual, I bought two of those on ebay. Have to check what those are exactly.