Help me choose a Trackball Mouse!

Long ago I used to use trackball mice. Yes the normal drag ones, but also the one you would expect where its 4 buttons and a giant ball you can chuck at your sister when she pisses you off.

Anyways, I only ever had one. A Kensington Pro Ball. I have never ever used a different one. My goal is a mouse that is basically the same as my G600, but trackball instead. I may also just get a new Pro Ball. Now you’re going to ask why, aren’t you?

I’m reorganizing my desk soon. And even if I don’t reorganize it, I have very little mouse space as it is. I play games like CS and TF2 all the time, but also a LOT of RTS games. CS will just be learning new movements, I main Pyro in TF2 so its not like I need to aim, and RTS is RTS.

So anyways, I’m looking at these mice specifically.

20-35 is the pricepoint I am hitting as this is a bit of a pay bonus for me. If theres a better one let me know.

My specific needs are 500-1000 report rate, and the in between is actually completely fine because I can change in-game stuff when I play stuff, and 2 normal mouse buttons with /at least/ 2 extra buttons to edit to be whatever I want, but 4 is optimal. I don’t know if the M570 has side buttons for the scroll wheel, but I think it does? The ELECOM is what seems the best for me. Especially since the over all form of the mouse is the same as my G600.

So, thanks.


The one I use:

lol Good to know but I want my scroll wheel on top of the mouse XD

Hmmmm secondary question: is there a big difference in having the ball on top of the mouse or on the side? I would be playing source games with it so would that make a big difference? I would think the side mounted ball would be better in that case. I could look at a platform trackball at some point, sure, but 100 bucks for a Pro Ball from Kensington is a bit much for me XDD

One thing about thumb trackballs is that the muscles around the thumb can get sore after prolonged use. (like constantly moving the ball around for hours on end).
I mostly use my M570, but from time to time I’ll use my mouse just to give my thumb a rest.


Aight I think I’ll get the ELECOM.

You want the HAL9000 trackball, admit it :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course I do but not for 130 bucks :U


I have had the Logitech trackball (when I broke my arm) and I liked it.
However I found it hard to game with a thumb trackball.
The Kensington trackball may work better as a gaming device for you.

SlimBlade $87

lol except that its almost as big as my mousemat and I’m trying to severely shrink mouse space.

Yeah… There are others that are smaller, but I picked the one I thought looked the coolest.

I care very little about looks lol. Those buttons will also break off if the thing fell off my desk.

I used to use the Microsoft Explorer Trackball (the trackball to end all trackballs). It goes for a fortune now, if you can find it. None of the other wired trackballs had as many buttons as the Explorer. u_u

Oh shit! Elecom makes one of very similar design! I just may have to get one! ^_^

I’m still hoping for a gaming grade trackball mouse someday.

Whatever you get, make sure it’s optical. The G600 is laser, and you’re going to notice a huge improvement in your KDA with an optical mouse.

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Yeah I’m getting this one.

Though I am second guessing. The top mounted ball one appeals to me a little bit. I just don’t know if I would like it on top.

Order both and return the one you don’t like? It sucks to have to put up the money, but it’s the only way to be sure.

After reading the reviews, my expectations have been tempered. The preset DPI settings and the poor macro support is disappointing. Sounds like it might be good enough though.

I don’t use macro’s. If I need those its what the keypad on my keyboard is for. I just set the extra keys to something that I would use.

I can only get one, and the thumb ball one is one I would take everywhere and use for all sorts of everything.

Personally I want this one.

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I actually really like the features on that one a lot I just don’t have the funds right now lol. I’m half looking at the top ball one but if I’m replacing my mouse with one completely I think the thumb one would be more accurate, no? Or wuld the top base one work better.