Headless PCI Passthrough Program Name Vote

So here is the poll of names I have collected from the forums here and YouTube. You have until the 3rd of December to vote on your favorite at which time we will take the three most popular options and select one.

The ordering has been randomized to avoid any bias on my part :slight_smile:

  • Beheaded
  • Crystal Passthrough
  • Sentinel
  • Crystof
  • Optic
  • Hyrda
  • Refraction
  • Rodimus
  • KVM FrameRelay (KVMFR)
  • Porthole
  • Project Theia
  • Lucid
  • Starscream
  • Reflection
  • Refractive
  • Obsoleet
  • Actually Hardcore Virtualization
  • Level1VM
  • ShadoW-M
  • Looking Glass

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Bad idea, asking for a name on the internet. Now it’s going to be Passthroughy McPassthroughface


Except that is not one of the presented options, and why we have reserved the right to select the final option from the top three. Not my first rodeo with name selection.


Not sure that it should be allowed voting for more than a single name but you know better.
I actually felt very compelled from this and decided to vote for all of them :slight_smile:

Didn’t see KVMFR. Otherwise would have voted for it. Awesome name!

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its the 9th from top to bottom

This name does what it says. The best kind if name. Nice.


Though maybe headless framerelay or just framerelay for short?

Though the kvm part is still nice, to state from where it originates :smiley:



Who are the nerds calling it kvm frame relay it needs a name thats sellable to people who want this not to sound like server stuff.

Looking Glass and Project Theia are really good imo. Not sure why “KVMFR” is winning with such a lead…

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Cuz the lurkers want to be nerds about it. Honestly this looks like it would just make it easier for people to use the fucking thing in the first place so oh, I know, lets name it some nerd shit to scare off new users. What a great idea!

:anger: Stop it.


Biheaded since both run on the same head, and the user is kinda biheaded since he can’t stick to 1.

The english language pronounces E as I all the time anyway lol

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I have to agree with @FaunCB, it needs to be approachable.

I would love to get into this sort of thing but many times the language and terminology makes it feel like the learning curve is 180° from my starting position with very little middle-ground.

This follows directly with the “don’t be such a scientist” when it comes to that field (my wife has this problem).


There is no point putting forward new names now, please vote on the list of options above.

Can that be the name of it.

Personally, I’m enjoying Reflection. Simple, catchy, domain name is almost guaranteed to be taken, doesn’t clearly explain the purpose of it, meaning it satisfies all my hipster naming requirements. All that’s left is to pay exorbitant sums of cash for a .io domain name.

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Can I slap you with pluto.

I voted KVMFR thinking I would be the oddball out. Guess not. Unix guys never change haha.