Hats off for the durability, Samsung

For a little more than a year i’ve been using a 49" Samsung MU6300 curved TV on my bedroom, right in front of the window, it serves its purpose very adequately, it has a sharp image, lots of inputs, a decent upscaler (for when i use my PS2), decent sound, whatever.
However last friday i was impressed by it, i commited the sin of leaving my window open, in blind faith it wouldn’t rain since the skies were clear as ever and i left for a little trip my job required, i also have no habit of powering down my stand by equipment, so it was powered the whole time, just on stand by.
Then the worst downpour in 3 years came around, and with the window opened it completely drenched the TV in rain, it got on every surface of it, i’m sorry i have no pictures to show because i was so angry at myself i just yanked the TV out of the rack and left on the corridor to dry, but believe me, every port that wasn’t populated had some level of water stored on it.
I was hopeless it would work again, but i left it to dry until sunday, sprayed contact cleaner on the ports and powered it on, it was like nothing ever happened to the damn thing, it powered on correctly, the screen had no spots, dots or lines caused by water damage, Wi-Fi worked, the speakers sound right and all the ports worked correctly as well.
I’m very impressed by this TV now, i had some TVs simply die on me for much less.


Its a bit scary. Make sure to buy 2 sacks of dry uncooked rice and a large box to dry it out or something. Also probably dont let the tv lie down and keep it upright. The hardware engineers might have predicted this happening has some designs to keep things dry when upright.

Charged capacitor and water is scary and dangerous so please take care…

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Perhaps i could remove the circuit board from it, since it’s already out of warranty and its impractical to submerge in rice due to its size.

I would imagine, like drain ports or blocking panels, i already had an older TV receive water damage before from a ceiling crack, the water deposited between the layers of the LCD and created dark spots, ruined the thing completely.
Now this one there’s not even a sign it was drenched in water.

Or just buy silica gel?

That was the “or something part”. I really dont know where to buy actual silica gel to dessicate eletronics

Me neither…

Electronics suppliers, packaging suppliers, amazon

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Even home stores as cheap dehumidifiers. They sell little boxes that you fill with pellets of the stuff to help dry damn houses out.

Long term update:
It still works! I can even interact on the forums with it, if i want to do so.

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