Haswell or Ivy Bridge?

Hello all.  Just joined the forum and I need a little input.  I am currently in the process of build a new gaming PC.  It is the first one I have ever built and my budget is around $2200.  The build will not be finished until October, and all I have so far is my case which is a Cooler Master Storm Trooper full tower.

I am thinking of going with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 770.  I am basically building my system to handle Battlefield 4, TitanFall, The Division (hopefully it will come to PC), and any future cames.

I am wondering whether I should go with an Ivy Bridge CPU or Haswell.


What do you guys think.  Thanks in advance for the advice.

haswell if you have that sort of budget

$2200 is a lot for just a gaming PC. You could buy a couple of GTX 770s and grab a high-resolution monitor for that money. I'd actually recommend spending somewhere in the region of $1200 on a gaming PC. Believe me, I've just spent £2200 (sterling), and it is the exact same experience I would have had, had I spent half that amount.

Haswell is the better platform on the whole, in my opinion. Simply because of the motherboard enhancements. In terms of gaming performance, you won't be getting anything extra.

Ivybridge is the better overclocking platform. You would probably have to install a custom watercooling loop on the CPU to get good overclocked temps on Haswell. But, that's well within your capacity to do with $2200.

yeah like berserker said.the haswells do run quite hot aswell just something to keep in mind


Shut up, Luke!




Maybe I should explain better than what I'm trying to do.  Basically I'm shooting to be able to run the games I mentioned above at average 60FPS at 1920x1080.

Those games at 60FPS, at 1920x1080, should cost you less than $1500, dude.

Probably less than $1200, and that still includes all the SSDs and other "trimmings" that you could want, and the OS.

I know what you're thinking. You want something for the long term. People bought the GTX Titan, and then the 780 emerged. The 780 offers all the gaming performance of the Titan, for half the cost.

It is wise to spend less.

If you want to spend $2200, allow me to help you spend it. I would suggest purchasing a 1440p monitor, to start with. Or possibly a 3 monitor setup, for surround/eyefinity.

I promise you, $2200 is a lot for a gaming system. There's nothing wrong with spending that amount. But please, do not waste a $2200 on a 1080p display.

What would you suggest for 1080p?

What I am saying is, you should match your system to your display. And vice versa.

If you let me know

1. your budget

2. the components you may already have

3. the components that you are considering

I'll post some potential builds here. It'll only take me 5-10 minutes to make a bunch. For different platforms, different price points.


Maximum I want to spend as I said is $2200.  I will happily spend less.  All I really have right now is my case (a Cooler Master Storm Trooper) and I do have an AMD FX-6300, but I've heard that it can bottleneck the higher end GPUs.  So, I was thinking about selling it and getting a better one.  I was also thinking of going with an AMD/Radeon build as the next gen of consoles will be based on x86 AMD architecture.  Also, Battlefield 4 will be released optimized for AMD hardware.

The fx6300 is fine with any higher-end card. You could pair it with a 770, you could pair it with a 7950 /70. I wouldn't trust it to run ultra-high-end stuff, nor multi-card configurations.

Honestly, a 770 will max games at 1080p, with seriously playable frame rates. I know the 7950 can get like 45FPS + in Crysis 3 multiplayer, ultra textures. It can depend on the map.

If you can post your entire system specification, I'll recommend some changes.

As I said, All I have at the moment is the case and CPU.  I literally do not have anything else right now.  I am building a completely new system.  The PC I am using now is 6 years old and horribly out of date.

I'm pretty much in the same position as you. Just bought my case and have no idea on what parts to pick or even able to settle on which ones to get.

That's cool Parasyte. Check back in a few.

Do you have any other preferences?


I'll let you choose your own display. You got a nice motherboard there, which will allow you to upgrade the fx6300 in future.

Basically, the new line of AMD processors will run on this same AM3+ socket. You can upgrade at a later time. As far as gaming goes, FX6300 is more than sufficient. But, you have the upgrade option, dude.

I can change this up further. I included an OS.

The PSU is large enough for a second 770, should you need it. But, for 1080p, I'd recommend a single high-tier card.

Not really.  I would be fine with either an Intel/Nvidia build or an AMD/Radeon build.  Either one would work.  Also, I am looking at the Zalman CNPS9900 D/F for my CPU cooler.

Thanks!  That is a pretty killer build!  Which mobo would you suggest for a 3570k?

Well, you can go with the 3570k if you want a great overclocking chip. As for the mobos, really depends on your taste, needs, and your budget. You've got plenty of headroom in your budget.

There's too many motherboards on Z77, or Z87 that are great for your needs. In no particular order:





The list can go on and on.

For $15 more, you could get the 4670k. It doesn't offer any extra performance in gaming. I believe it has a better productivity performance. If you go with the 4670k, you're really paying for the enhanced motherboards.

I'm rocking the new ROG Hero, at this time. It's got one click overclocking. I could sit here, messing with settings, or I could just click "be 4.2GHz now, you asshole!" And it totally ramps up, all the way to 4.6, if I need it to. Problem is, for extreme overclocks, or anything above 4.5, you do need sufficient cooling.

I'd recommend just the lower 4.2 for a gaming system, maybe 4.4 if you have good temps.

Would the combo of the 4670k, the Asus RoG Hero, and the Asus 2GB 770 be good for...say..1920x1200?  I will be using a 32-inch Samsung LED for the time being, but after New Year's I am going to get a 27-inch monitor.  Probably a BenQ.


It would be an awesome combo. The new Z87 motherboards have got 6gb sata across the board. It just comes with more features. That's the good thing about Intel always updating their sockets, at least.

If you get a 27" monitor, don't make it a 1080p. Anything above 24" 1080p looks terrible. You've got enough budget to purchase this: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-monitor-pb278q

I went from that 1440p monitor, back to my 720p laptop, I thought I could quite literally count the pixels.

I think a 23" 1080p monitor would be quite suitable. But, if you want to splash out, and go big (27" +), go with 1440p/1600p. Maybe purchase the GTX 780 to go with those high-res displays. Games will run really well with the 780 and 1440p. I should know!!

Of course, it is all subjective. You might prefer 144Hz, or surround gaming. And you might have to reconfigure the proposed build to make it optimal for surround.