Harvard Says Vaping Can Cause Lung Disease

Harvard recently released this, and I was wondering if you guys have seen it. How do you feel about it?

I smoke a 28pack of gauloises per 2 days, self rolled cigs too with drum tobacco mixed with lucky strike, and vape 12mg nic juices of 50/50..... because i choose to, you'll die of something sometime anyways.


Haven't you heard? Everything causes cancer...


Can you make list of pros/cons for smoking 28pack/2days?

It's not a cancer. it's a Lung Disease. And when it comes to smoking period, people need to understand, Nicotine in Cigarettes, and or in Liquids used for Vaporizers. those won't kill you. All Nicotine does it elevate your heart rate. and it's addictive. in Cigarettes what kills you is all the gunk that builds up in your lungs. that eventually will turn in a cancer and will eventually kill you.

As for Popcorn Lung, which is a respiratory disease, for most doctors that don't have a brain, they will tell you you have developed Asthma if you get this. though it's much different then asthma despite the symptoms being similar. Dry Cough, Hard Breathing whatever. as for treatment, this "Popcorn Lung" cannot be treated once you get it. so oh well you're boned.

though honestly the only person who can stop smoking is the smoker themselves. though I have no need to tell others what to do with their money. if you wish to pay someone to kill you, by all means go for it.

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I edited the title. My mistake

pro: i enjoy smoking a cigarette

con: it costs money

is all

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I did the math on this recently when I had a conversation with one member of the forum in the lounge. if he as a smoker, stopped smoking, and saved all the money he used on packs of cigarettes. he would save roughly $10,000+ annually.

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I dare someone to do this without feeling uncomfortable "drew air through the e-cigarette for eight seconds at a time "

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good idea, i should steal cigarettes from now on, fuck you big tobacco

but really, yes, it adds up, as does monthly internet costs (so bad for you health), going out, having a nice dinner somewhere, go see bands, have fun...yeah, you'd save a lot of money if you denied yourself all the things you enjoy.


Well, duh. Inhaling a bunch of nasty chemicals will do that. Didn't people get the memo back in the 50's? Just because it's vaping doesn't mean it's suddenly this miraculously healthy way to inhale a bunch of chemicals. It's still designed to make you addicted. And you can't trust anyone who says that it's OK no more than you can trust someone from the tobacco industry telling you that cigarettes are OK.

I swear, people need decades to wake up to simple facts. But whatever. We gotta die from something in the end. It's not like this is news. It's just the way humans are. Hell, we still don't take sugar seriously enough as a health hazard, marijuana is still illegal in most places on the planet despite being less dangerous than alcohol and people still trust politicians. So really, who gives a shit if you throw vaping into the mix? It's hardly worth mentioning.


We thought that this time it'd be different and we could finally look cool and not have to suffer for it other than with our wallets. I figured since Teksyndicate themselves had supported vaping, they should see it. There's still a 25% with no popcorn lung anyway. They'll all end up FDA regulated and all part of the what is now 25% soon enough if we can get some sort of a push for it.

People back then didn't know cigarettes were harmful. in the early 20th century Doctors used to give them away for free. after around the 1940s to 1950s everyone who smoked developed lung cancer. there was a study, and it was finally proven that it could cause cancer. it took like four decades for people to get it. though realistically speaking it could probably be just as worse today. though I find it funny that people would pay to kill themselves.

The thing to take from history is that we can't trust anyone. There's gonna be a lot of doctors and scientists and maybe even studies claiming that it's not that bad. The media will pull their usual it's 50/50 stunt like they always do even with things such as climate change. People who vape will use that to justify their habit as they always do and people who don't vape will use the opposite arguments to argue against it. Some of them might even be payed by the tobacco industry. So there's gonna be a lot of misinformation floating around in years to come.
My take on this is, when in doubt, the best thing to do is leave it. I don't need a vice.

Fair enough.

Where I live, smokers take, optimistically calculated, atleast 3billion money away from education/tax payers pockets/insert your favourite here annually.

Not going to say if this is a legitimate claim, but still worth to see the other side.

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Makes sense

imagine that right. you're calculating your bills every month, and you're calculating how much money you must spend/have spent this month.

  • Light Bill
  • Gas Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Internet Bill
  • Cell Phone Bill
  • Food
  • [Cigarettes/Vaporizer - $ XXX ]

Still lol-worthy.

Imo vaping is the stupidest fad of all time... Whatever people will choice to do whatever they want, and its just good to have the information that it may have certain health risks or not. More information = more better.