[GUIDE] Email server on Raspberry Pi 2

Hello all

This guide has been linked by me previously in this thread


But I thought it might be easier to find in its own guide thread.


I have now been using my own email server built as per the documentation I have linked for several months and it works flawlessly.

The only issue I had was with Thunderbird 44 which seemed to have a bug making its own offline copy of the emails in the server IMAP folders after the message was sent.

Thunderbird 45.5.1 works fine.

I have had only a few spam messages which all seemed to be of the classic 419 scam which I found kinda cute.

Hoping this is useful to others.

I admit am lucky that where I live I can get an ISP that gives me a static IP and explicitly states on their website that it is okay to run servers off a residential IP. I know this is not the case everywhere.

I plan to move this server to a Intel based NUC style solution at some point running straight up Debian. When I do I will do another guide.



can you reformat ti as a post here instead of a PDF? If you do, I can share it far and wide. Everyone else look over it for any problems :)

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Certainly. It is rather long though. What would be the best way? Break it down into separate posts per chapter? Upload as a text based file?

You can do headers and stuff on this post. Maybe with replies? Heimdallr did his zypper post and that worked out well in that format.


To that end, I do like the option to download as PDF, so maybe keep the PDF link in the bottom of OP?

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Looks great at first, nice document!

Saved the PDF for another date. Absolutely want to try this out. Thanks boss!

Added a section for spamassassin

Replaced link to the guide after breaking my Nextcloud server like a moron.

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