GTX Titan Z.. 5K Gaming?

Article on the newly announced Titan Z.. Just wanted to know what you guys thing about it.. Over the top, Or are you willing to spend the big bucks?

It's not for gaming. and people can shut up about that. No game needs 12GB (6GB effective).

This is more of a workstation card. Like all titans

also- dual 780tis will cost half as much and will outperform it.

You can SLI/crossfire a pair of 780tis/290xs for half the amount of money it would take to buy a titan z

Titans should be bought for tasks that require cuda or in which double precision compute is key. Otherwise they are just a huge waste of money.

i want to use the titian z to simulate 2 black holes fucking each other.


you need one of these (non z variant)

Just from that announcement, it seems as if he is implying that traditional dual GPU cards clock down the secondary core at load? My ancient 5970 begs to differ.


where's rabz so he can fill me in on the details

^ that, made me lol

Actually just died a little lolol

You need $10k worth of delidded RAM though to get the most out of it. 

ehehehehe ahhh team nvidia only thinking about the money 

Its a workstation card. If anyone uses this card for strictly gaming then they're an idiot. Even for a workstation card its a bit out there. Titan's should be used for workstation cards, not gaming cards. That's why they have double precision so that it makes sense for a workstation. BUT WHY THE FUCK DOES IT COST 3K?! Two titan blacks cost 2K and those probably perform better. When ever you get a dual gpu core card you have to lower the clock speeds so that you can keep the cards power requirements from being completely insane. But that means you get a very reasonable power draw for having two gpu cores. Ok fair, you get a lower performing card but is has low power draw. But you are getting usually better binned gpu cores. So that is a slight cost, whatever. But why the hell does that cost 1K extra?! Intel and AMD bin cpu cores that have a final product cost of $50 (or less) with Intel/AMD still making a profit. Nvidia Titan Blacks are binned Gtx 780 ti's so really know how good the core is. So binning shouldn't be an extra cost anyways. So what warrants the 3K price tag? We already can predict it won't out perform 2 Gtx Titan Black's that cost $1000 less, so what warrants The extra $1000? The cooler on it is the same one the Gtx 690 had. The Gtx 690 cost $1000 but it had 2 Gtx 680 cores in it which costed $600 at the time. So the cooler really couldn't drive the cost up $1000. SO WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DOES?!

It looks cool but, Can it run Crysis?


Probably couldn't even run minesweeper lol

What would happen if you ran it in quad sli?

I wasn't going to comment on this. But I will.

This is total bullshit. NVIDIA is crapping on users. NVIDIA is bending over users and raping them in the ass, with a glimmer of delight in their eyes and a barely noticeable rictus of pleasure in the corner of their lips.

They are blatantly exploiting users. They are taking advantage of their huge marketing aparatus to rob people of their money. They think that they can get away with it because it worked with the Titan, which wasn't even a fully unlocked GPU at launch. I pray that that doesn't happen again and that the reaction of the customers will show that you simply cannot overprice a card by so much and then sell it.

Here, someone a bit less angry than me (but not by much):

Well, at least it won't be that hard to install the card onto your motherboard, unlike that you must install the radiator as well. And as far as popularity goes, people are starting to foam over this card.

No, it is not a workstation card.

Quadros and FirePros are.

Workstations would rather have their FPSIMD units with drivers optimized for throughput with latency leniency rather than consumer cards with the opposite true

About is cost? Nvidia needs to change the selling slogan to: "Increase your e-peen with our new titan-z-black or whatever they want"


How do you know about Intels and AMDs final cost of their chips? Do you actually know how many of an percentage are actually usable and sellable. You will be looking in the area of 20-30% if I remember correctly.

Intel is manufacturing their own chips, where AMD pays GLO-FO and TSMC to make their chips.

Which is significant cheaper, (on of the reasons why AMD is cheaper, but are behind in a architecture-point-of-view).


you can't.

Max 4 chips not cards.