GTA V PC thoughts

Would be great if we could shift the conversation a little bit away from the technical side of things (since that seems pretty fine).

How is the gameplay?

*hasn't bought GTA V yet*

The immersion from the new first person mode almost gives a mirrors edge type feel imo. They didn't smooth any animations as far as I can tell. Definitely worth it imo. Also the single player story is pretty awesome.

I use SMAA injector for games, Want to know if the DX10 injector works ok or if I need to use the sweetFX thing, mrhaandi injector is less fuss. Either way ,How does it perform?

I'm using Windforce R9 290. I have everything on the highest settings, discounting the grass quality. I have it on high. On advanced gfx settings i have both the distances all the way down, since the difference it made wasn't worth the loss in performance for me.

Running a 290 as well. Downsampling from 4k with no aa has barely noticeable jaggies. The only ones that bug me are the ones on the shadows, and I have to go 'outa my way to see them.

I was considering getting a smaa injector for gta5. But running I love how sharp it looks without the aa.

The game supports dx 9, 10, 10.1, and 11 if that's what you're wondering. I'll try to see if any injectors work on it, but I much rather play the game dx11.

I'm not sure which GPU I'll be using in my build yet, but what sort of performance could I get from a 650 ti or a 7870 with a 5820k? The gpus are temporary until I get a 290 or something.

I'm just guessing, but I'm pretty sure the game would run well with a 650ti on 1080p. The game is very well optimized.

I believe the DX10 injector works with 11

though x86, may be an issue.
"is supposed to work only with directx 9, directx 10, directx 11, x86 applications"

So far it's running in the 35-60fps range on my gtx580 at 1680x1050 on fairly high settings (going more than double the memory limit warning). So far I've only noticed occasional pop-in and flickering, not very often though. Having never played the game before I am thoroughly enjoying it. Still want to upgrade to a gtx980 to see how it will perform.

I have it lying around I will fire it up and see what happens. You want DX11 tested?

Cool, thanks for letting me know!

This game is phenomenal. I got a physical copy of it last week at Gamestop. I haven't had a single issue running the game. The install took a long time on my 7200 RPM HDD, but not a single problem, and the Rockstar Social club DRM is pretty much invisible. Start up the game, it auto logs me in to the social club, play the game all night long.

My relevant specs are:

i7 3770k running at stock 3.5 Ghz

The game's graphics settings aren't quite maxed out (my card is not high end though), I turned down a few things to high, and I get some low frame rates here and there, but overall the frame rate is totally fine, the in game benchmarks run at 60 FPS, and I'm just totally pleased with the game. Rockstar did an incredible job on this game and port. The characters are great (Trevor is the fucking shit!), the story is great, the world is absolutely beautiful, just a fantastic game. I've been doing pretty much nothing but playing this game for the past week.

A+++ would recommend

Now if I could just get the fucking jet and put the bitch in my hangar without dying ...

Seems like frame drops are common thing. How is everyone doing with flying with the NUM pad? I can't do it very well, lol

I for one like the way they did flying. It takes some getting used to but after messing around for a short time I was able to fly quite accurately.

I think the gameplay is good well worth the 45 bucks you should be able to find it for. For me the first person view, the improved driving mechanics and getting smooth performance makes it feel like a new game not just another GTA. I cant speak to much on the story mission until i get a good amount into it.

It's a well optimized game, even for an AMD build which I do have.

I cannot fly with keyboard, but thankfully you can just pick up a controller and keep.playing. then switch back to KB/M when back in foot.

The game run astoundingly well in think for what it is. But yeah I get frame drop quite often. Then again I have all the Graphics settings up full except for MSAA, Motion blur and Mirror AA which are off. And the advanced graphics options are off.

I am impressed that it does not max my CPU. Keeps the FX6100 at 70% ish all the the and keeps the R9 290 at 100%. Pretty great.

GTA V PC thoughts ......

Heck I have to get rid of my sealed copy of GTA V for Xbox 360 so I can actually play the game on pc. From what I seen of it in various Twitch live streams it looks awesome and is loads of fun like every other GTA game.

Guess I'll throw my 2 cents in here since I've been playing it pretty religiously the past few days.

Problems I've come across:

  1. My game crashed at one point (error message said something like 'failed zlib call'). My download was corrupt as the md5 checksum for the "x64q" file in the install directory didn't match, so I deleted that file, ran the "gta 5 setup" (or verify integrity on steam I think) again to re-download that file, and hey presto problem solved.
  2. I'm getting some crazy lag in some places, usually while driving in the city. No idea what's causing it, turning down the graphics settings seems to make it worse, which completely baffles me. The game is still playable and smooth for the most part.

Other than those things I've been having a blast. Playing in first person is great.

If anyone's interested, the iFruit app was updated the other day to support PC. The 10 year old in me loves getting notifications saying "chop just took a dump". 10/10 would clean up dog poop again.