GTA V PC thoughts

So, I think it is a great port. It runs great on my 760 SC 4GB. And I am glad I got the 4GB version because it uses 3945MB on my current settings. The only problem I have had are some frame drops here and there. Overall, it is a great port and plays like a PC game should. Anyway, thoughts?

+ The engine seems to be well optimized as one should. Not like GTA 4 (congratz for Rockscrap).
+ Presenting current state of world and our companies while renaming them, informing public.
+ Trevor is actually a very nice guy.

- Has plenty of crash places; ex. while in mission in vehicle using wep might crash the game...
- during some missions it crashes and you must simply skip mission by failing it on purpose quite few times (like the FIB one)
- Rocksrap

Never had any of those problems. Interesting.

Only problems I've had is artifacting/flickering in the reflections in puddles when its raining. And the occasional instance where the game minimizes itself for absolutely no reason.

Running the game on high, triple monitor surround, on my single 970. 5760x1080p with Vsync on.

I've been trying to get it to run on my 7860x1440p setup since launch. It always crashes on save game load. I also get the minimizing right after start.

Only Problem I got is my craptop can only run it at 12fps, then again there is a reason I'm building a pc.

how is smaa in gtav, does it work?

Did you upgrade your graphic drivers?

Initially, I had some performance issues. However, I upgraded my RAM from 4GB to 8GB, and now it's running buttery smooth on Medium-High settings @1080p. My only complaint are the frequent disconnects from GTA Online, although that could be due to my crappy DSL connection.

So far my experience has been good. I haven't had any crashes yet and my frame rate has been pretty stable. Maybe once I start doing more missions I'll run into issues.

Not one crash, about 1/3 of the main story complete. Super Smooth 60fps on the default settings. Playing on a GTX 600 on 1440p and the game looks great. To those having issues, I cannot relate, maybe yall should download the drivers.

No issues in single player. Multiplayer sometimes crashes on mission select screen or has the occasional strange glitch on a job. There are noobs everywhere who screw up missions and heists. Then there are people who make the mistake of spawn killing my brother a few times - lets just say I break them.

I always crash in the mission where I have to rescue Michael from the chinese dudes. During the part where I'm driving away. Anyone else have that same crash?

Doesn't have smaa. you have to use fxaa or msaa. FXAA has a negligible effect on performance, though. I found myself getting better performance downsampling from 4k to 1080p with no AA or fxaa. It actually looks better to me too, so that's a plus.

Thats Interesting, I might try that. What gfx card are you running and what at normal/high/very high/ultra?

Same here. IMO, it looks and runs better at higher res downsampled to 1080 with no AA and everything else on high/very high. Running a 290, sits at or above 60fps average, but I use vsync to keep things smooth (I HATE screen tearing, lol).

Great game, somewhat demanding on both CPU and GPU depending on your settings. Game is fun as heck, especially online with some friends and a crew. :)

The only issue I have with the graphics is no SMAA!! WHY??!! FXAA has a huge hit on performance. TXAA also has a huge hit on performance. So one feature request... SMAA.

What resolution do you downsample from? I have a 290x and run at 1080p as well. Haven't gotten the game yet, but I will soon once I can get it for $40 or so.

I first tried it at 3200x1800 but I found with that I had to turn down too many other settings so I did some experimenting and found that 1440 was actually a decent compromise between eye-candy and keeping the average fps above 60. I'm also overclocking my 290 +150 on the core which is good for about a 10% performance boost.

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I haven't had any problems , almost everything maxed R9 290 5820k
So happy I have 16 gb ram and 4gb vram though