GTA V PC thoughts

I use a 360 controller. I play for extremely extended periods and using keyboard and mouse kills my carpal tunnel.

Those posting about issues with frame rate/lag should post their specs for reference. Spotty performance would be expected with the minimum specs, but probably shouldn't happen if specs far exceed recommended specs.

there's so much tearing in the game. sucks :( 390x where are you!?!?

I also get the stuttering and frame drops in the city

Did try vsync?

yeah, it helps with the tearing but now there's bad framerates and stuttering, eps when panning city scapes. i think i need to adjust the settings down some more, i have everything at veryhigh. maybe reduce draw distance.

I'd like to know how SMAA compares and if the mrhaandi dx10 injector works with gtav dx11 please but otherwise any smaa in dx11 please
any problems with MSI Afterburner, Steam overlay ect?
any mouse issues? GTAIV needed mouse in-game sens. 0 and to set mouse in windows to remove a 1ms or so lag...

Okay i will give the MrHaandi injector a go in about 5 minutes.

Curretnly running After burner, no overlay but it works fine, I can try that too.
Steam, if you have the Rockstar one and not steam then no (crashes on start when linked to library, I expet this will be patched sometime), if you have the steam version then yes.

Mouse issues, none yet and no messing around on my end, but there are reports of mouse acceleration being related to frame rate, I have not noticed this at all but your mileage may vary.

EDIT: Quick and dirty SMAA test, no does not work with DX10 SMAA and DX11 GTA 5. further research may be required.

Afterburner, I can't find any overlay. Sorry.

God damn this game is pure fucking bliss! Everytime I turn it on for the first time of the day I'm just like, holy fuck, these graphics are fucking spectacular.

And I just learned about self radio and set it up. Hoooooly fucking shit this is so god damn great! All I want to do is drive around!

Fucking bliss!!!!!

After looking at the comparison screenshots I am really glad I did not pre-purchase this game, it definitely looks better on PC, but in many of the comparisons I saw it looked barely better, and that is reflected in the benchmarks..

I haven't vested so much time, effort and money in this platform, so that I can spend more money to play console games a year later, that look marginally better, and do so at slightly higher frame-rates with more pixels. It doesn't make sense, if they cant generate additional value for pc gamers, above what the platform itself offers, then I feel like I may as well have a console!

What do you guys think...

I see where you're coming from, it would have been nicer if they'd have just worked on the PC version from the outset rather than it being some afterthought that took years to complete (maybe it wasn't an afterthought idk)

That said, I personally prefer the first person view that they added, which you could argue isn't really a big deal but I like it.

There's also the rockstar editor, and it's going to be moddable. It's vastly better than the half-arsed GTA 4 port :-)

Oh I am sure it is definitely an all around improvement, and that this is the version to play, first-person mode also is a necessity, and if they are going to officially support modding, and they have decent tools for that, and the engine is good, then that is a very, very big thing! But I thought modding was unnofically supported...

Anyway it's not that playing on a console is ever a sensible option, but that developers need to bring enough extra value to the table, over their console version, to justify the added cost of the superior platform to their customers. If the game looks too similar (which alot of these ports have been, particularly the UBISOFT ONES!!!!), then that diminishes alot of the benefits of the platform... And then you end up paying an aweful lot more for an experience that is not that much different to what consolepeasents enjoy. And that is not cool....

Especially considering the hardware many of us run... And the cost of that hardware...It better look a b***y lot better than what it looks like on consoles... Especially if we have to wait an ADITIONAL EXTRA YEAR to play it.

And in reality they should really be delivering not just better value, but value above and beyond what is generated by being on the best platform, i.e. better controller support, higher resoloution and framerate support, ability to turn on extra filters, ability not to turn on certain filters that are used to increase the framerates on consoles (i.e. the console haze). I really don't believe it is that hard for them to enable these extra filters for the PC ports......

This thread has taken off. Now, a question: what mods would you like to see? I would like to see new car models, new weapons, and amusing things, like no gravity, ridiculous weapons. New mechanics would be cool, like bigger explosions, new animations for things... I could go on and on. So, what would you like to see?

I'd want more customization option for the three characters. I mean only 3 hairs styles for Michael and clean shave or beard. For a game with an almost 60GB install I'd want to be able to customize everything about them. Its almost like Rockstar forgot about about hair styles and clothing options.

That's what I forgot about. Character customization is lacking. Everything is so well done, but customization is minimal. 3 hair styles and 3 beards for each character. Someone really needs to mod a lot more in.

Yeah, im running mine about 40 ish on 4k withouth overclocking. Sometimes itl drop to 30, can't pinpoint exactly whats causing the lag so far, so I dont know what to turn down. I might end up dropping it to 1440.

Definitely WAY more character customization, for online characters too. I mean, its already in the game for NPCs dammit, you see buff dudes at the beach, heavy-set individuals, all kinds of hair styles, wtf lol. Hydraulics and NOS for cars is something I honestly expected. The helicopter flight model was perfect in GTA 4 (IMO) and I hope someone can bring that goodness back, would be cool to see more jets too (Su-47 in particular). Other than that, most of the mods that were made for GTA 4 should definitely make a comeback, especially Iron Man and Zombies. and iCEnhancer lol

Online characters are more customizable, but still needs more. I wanted mine to look insane, so I looked for the big beard you could give to Trevor, and it wasn't there. Customization needs mods. And you are spot onbwoth seeing all kinds of different models. Its strange how you can't be buff or really fat. Iron Man would be a lot of fun in Los Santos, haha.

I was told I couldn't buy V because she wanted to buy it for me which also means solid media. ugh!

only on disk 1 and so far so slow.

I'm finally downloading the 5gb patch after 3 hours

logging in was a problem but closing and opening seemed to sort it..

Still faster than downloading it. :P