GPU for 900p/1080p on medium or high settings on a budget

So 4 gigs of vram is "cutting it close" but 3.5 is fine?


From the reviews i saw from RX 460 in some games the gtx 950 wins in others don't and it has not so good fps, but i understand that is because the settings are in ultra (correct me if i wrong) but if i use it for medium to high gaming would be a better experience i think, for the money well i think it would get the job done and i only want to play games that's all xD It would be better to get the 4gb variant or stick with the 2gb? Anyway i would try to save a little more for a better option if i have the opportunity.

@NetBandit Looks like a great deal but unfortunately it's not in my area.

For now, 2GB are enough.
Depending on how often you upgrade, the 4GB would give you much more time.
I would save the extra cash and grab a 4GB version, then you got a lot of time to spare.

I think the 4gb would be a good option, as for now i'm between RX 460, GTX 950 or a used card if i'm in a low budget but if i can get a little more i would go for a GTX 960 r9 380 both on 2gb or depending how the price is for a 4gb.

I think there is a guy here selling a gtx 770 for a 100 bucks.
My gtx 770 refernce refurb open box was 135. Only 2 gb but I love it. Took a month to find!


look on craigslist/kijij/ebay
and buy a used GPU.

Pretty solid if nothing else is an option, it'll do 1080p medium-high no issues

The 970 has 4GB of RAM. The fact that 512MB of it runs slower is a bit overblown. It will still destroy the 460 and doesn't run AMD's potato drivers.

Tell me your area and I'll find you something

Literally just lost a class action lawsuit over it lol

and ya it's faster than a 460 sure, but you also probably find a 290 or 390 for the same price, and then you get better DX12/Vulkan support

AMD cards may be even cheaper due to used GPU mining cards

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Have seen and run benchmarks myself. It is really funny how the FPS drop from a solid 60 to 3 in the blink of an eye!
Class action lawsuit anyone?

Be faster: Sure, different price. Lower power consumption on the 460 though. If I recall correctly, it will be put into notebooks like it is.
Potato drivers? Apart from them running good, AMD did not bork Windows10 registries during upgrades or f-up personal files (The ones the Windows10 upgrade did not trash).

@NetBandit I'm from mexico so i don't think it would be possible for something in the US unless is from ebay for example. But i know a craigslist site from my area so i will look there too.

At the moment i found a EVGA gtx 770 for about $150 and a Sapphire R9 270 for $110 aprox. from where i live.

@The_Space_Bear Any suggestions?

@Streetguru I would consider the Asus one as an option if i have the opportunity to save a little bit.

Used (or Refurbished) is a gamble though, not everyone is willing to risk, granted that I took that risk with buying 2x2TB HDDs for $30 each, which was unwise. You could always buy used cheaper, that's nothing new.

Although if you want my opinion, the RX 460 is not exciting at all really, AMD did warn us it was very underperforming, the GTX 950 was close to the 960 so it was pretty good at it's time, especially with lower prices now. Would recommend IF it were cheaper new or same price.

Used hard drives is nothing like used video cards. Drives are mechanical devices. Video cards are not, except for their cooling.

You should know better than buying used hard drives. Jeez.

Actually, I got refurbished Hard Drives, they work great and I checked to see how worn and torn they were, and they were basically not even worn and torn noticeably, got lucky on that. I guess looking at it that way, Video Cards is less of a gamble, but still. Maybe to cut costs I might go for a used 970 or something (too many cards to pick from) for a secondary build if I can't get a new RX 470 for cheaper than it's current price, after all, dat Async and stuff.

I would look for some high end 700 series GPUs, and some mid range 900 series (Nvidia)

look for some 380(x) and 390/290's for a good price.

maybe a bit older like a 680/670 might also work

If you buy used then check this site out, checks local Craigslist and ebay.

I wouldn't look for the GTX 700's cards, a GTX 1060 is already comparable to a GTX 780 Ti, unless you can get a GTX 780 Ti for $175 or something like that. Same thing with the HD 7000's cards, HD 7870 which is an R9 280X equivalent get's outperformed by a RX 470

Actually, 1060 is about 15% faster... 470 for 180$ is near 780Ti...

Agreed. I have just gone through the exact same thing: 1080p medium/high settings on a budget. I was set on a GTX 750 TI but scouted for deals and got a GTX 960. Both great cards for their price points.