GPU for 900p/1080p on medium or high settings on a budget

Hello Tek Syndicate community, i have to say i really appreciate the help from this awesome forum.

So, in recent days I've been looking for any options on used gpus on ebay or amazon, and i have some potential choices but i would like to know any suggestions for that specific usage i said in the title. This is my first gaming rig and looking at how much fps or in what settings some gpus get on games makes the decision very complicated.

The main goal is to play the most of modern games and maybe some old as well with good frame rates either on medium or if it's possible on high settings with good fps. Now the problem here is the budget, i have a very limited money for the gpu like about $100-$110 or $120 if i can save a little bit.

I have as an option the GTX 660 Ti or GTX 750 Ti, but i don't know how well perform under those settings on most games, any other suggestions or feedback are welcome :)

For reference this is my PC at the moment

Thanks for reading!

RX 460 2GB
RX 460 4GB

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The problem is that some of the prices are out of my budget :/

Edit: That 2GB RX 460 looks like a good option

If you are going that low, you should buy a used card. You can get a lot more for your money.

I don't understand why everyone is so excited about these cards.

You can get used GTX 960s for like $100ish.
970s for like $150
Check craigslist.

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Yeah but a used 970 will destroy it and costs about the same.

But will not support Async.

LOL! This guy barely has enough money for a single video card.

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460 or 380 on sale

Any of the non pascal nvidia cards will slowly fall further behind with DX12/Vulkan games

Or just find the money for a 470 so you won't have to replace it anytime soon


AdoredTV is an amazing channel.

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Yes... Used last gen card for 100-150$ will be faster... But 460 is brand new. And compared to the other brand new cards for the price it does well enough. This is:

480 for 250$? You can probably get 980 for less second hand and it will outperform...

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On ebay the cheapest GTX 960 i can found is like $140 :/ As for the gtx 950, i can found it more near in my budget. Do you have any other suggestions from the used market?

I know having Async will be a plus for future games but anyway i just want a card i can have for a while meanwhile i keep upgrading the other components.

How much of a difference in performance is in between the 2gb and 4gb variant?
I go with the RX 460 it would be for the 2gb because of the price.

If you spend the money now on a better GPU you won't have to replace it anytime soon for 1080p gaming

2GB is a bad idea these days. It's just not enough. Frankly, 4GB is a cutting it close.

@Streetguru Well i think the best gpu i could go for my budget could be the GTX 960 if i can find a cheap one on ebay or amazon. I would try to look for a R9 380 too.

@NetBandit But at the moment i don't plan maxing out graphics,so for the settings i want to play i think with 2gb will get the job done but even if i can find a 4gb gpu on the cheap well that's a bonus.

Should go for a 380 instead, price should be the same

Found an Asus 2GB R9 380 for $143 on Newegg, it's a good option?

No. The only cards worth buying today are Polaris and Fiji.

My suggestion: RX 460. Can later be repurposed for an HTPC build because of the hardware accelerated 4K codecs and low power consumption.

I found a GTX 970 for $160

Probably not your area, but see what you can find.