GPU Benchmark Thread

Alright, so the aim here is to create a nice chart/spreadsheet of the community's graphical hardware. Follow these steps to get in on the fun:

  • Use Heaven Benchmark 4.0 with these settings:

    • API: DirectX 11

    • Quality: Medium

    • Tesselation: Disabled

    • Stereo 3D: Disabled

    • Multi Monitor: Disabled
    • Anti-Aliasing: x4

    • Full Screen: Enabled
    • Resolution: 1920x1080

Now get a screenshot of both the benchmark score screen, and GPU-Z. You can add other details such as driver version, temps, voltages, etc. if you would like.

Example post:

PowerColor R9 270, stock cooled. Run with Catalyst 15.7.1.

The idea behind the rather low settings is that people with weaker hardware can still participate and get decent scores. If we maxed it out anything under a GT 640 would just be getting <200 points.

Here's the spreadsheet. I'll make sure to keep it up to date as people add to the thread.

Are you gonna keep a spreadsheet/ leaderboard with scores?

Edit: Apparently I cant read.

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the super man is having a panic attack over all my video memory i think he is ok though he is super man


System R9 290 i5 4690 (aparently Unigine says my gpu was running @ 1.6million degrees celsius i have officially harnessed the power of the sun!)

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Sounds about right for AMD?



My dud of a 980ti (runs 1400mhz barely)

You skrebs with your i5s everyone knows higher i numbers are better

I'm clearly joking pleasedontkillme

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Gonna kill you.

Still a good score IMO.

Well I mean yeah it's fantastic but as far as 980ti's go it's meh

Lol i am running everything at stock havent oced this card yet i have only had it 48hrs and i am not likeing it haveing epida vram (that means dont oc the vram or it frys lol)

Radeon HD 6870M. Sucker started running hot.

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Stock 980. Might try overclocking later.

Sapphire R9-290 Tri-X OC Model

  • Windows 10 HOME edition
  • i5 4670k OC to 4.4GHz


Overclocked Benchmarks

My GPU link:

I was also running secondary monitor during that test, that has 1366x768 resolution.

I could do overclocking later, if i get time for that.

My Gpu:


i7 4790
32gb 1600mhz ram
Nvidia Titan X
LG 24GM77 144hz Monitor
LG 49UB8500 4k TV (calibrated and used mostly for photo editing)
Logitech G602
Logitech G710+
Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro + Fiio E07k + Fiio E09k

medium is too little.
290x on drugs. Titan yee puss

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2 x G1 gaming 980ti in SLI
Running the 355.98 drivers

There's a reason for that posted in the OP...

dayum son, this makes me see there's a set problem somewhere in benchmark that brings our fps very very low, and its not a problem with gpu power.

Yeah, I wrote it for person above with TitanX, funny part i shouldn't be able to beat it. I assume smaller memory pool helps to allocate textures + faster texture fillrate helped even though pixel fillrate was behind.

// No OC CF config