Got a new ssd, Now what?

i have installed windows on the new 120gb kingston hyperx 3k and a game or so, and the diffrence is insane, but my question is how do i make it the system drive? (it still says that my old 500gb wd blue is the system drive although it says boot for my new ssd) ( the reason im wondering how to fix this (and warn me if this isent the problem) is that i cant run the games that are on the WD blue, if i can keep it system and run the games that would be completely fine, but when i try to play games like skyrim i get the launcher but it says install...

Ok by the sounds of things you've had windows installed on the WD blue drive, then bought an ssd and installed windows on that, now you're trying to play games that were installed on the WD blue drive?

That's not going to work.  If you want to play those games they need to be installed on the ssd, or reinstalled on the 500gb drive.  You can't just play them from a completely different installation of windows.


As for why the WD blue drive still says system drive, that's because it is a system drive, it still has your old copy of windows on it.  It's just not the system drive you're booting from.  That in itself isn't really a problem and is not causing you any issues here.

so do i have to wipe the drive and re-download the games?

If they're steam games you should be able to copy the steamapps folder from your WD drive into your steam folder on your ssd, but this is going to depend on how many games you had installed on the old drive, you don't want to completely fill your new ssd with games you aren't actually playing. 


Easiest way to do this is to open up steam, click install on the games you had before, then pause the download immediately.  Then copy the contents of your old steamapps folder into your new steamapps folder, so from M:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps into C:\Program FIles\Steam\Steamapps. 

Then right click the game in steam and select properties.  Go to the Local Files tab, and click the verify integrity of game cache button.  It should see that all the files are there and let you play.  You'll need to do that for each game.


An alternative would be to boot from your old WD drive and use the steam backup feature:

Backup your games, then import into the new steam install.  I've never done it this way though so can't offer much help with it beyond the linked steam article.


If you have a copy of windows on the old drive, I'd wipe it and redownload... what's it take, a few hours? is that a world ending cataclysmic event?

Yes, there's ways around it, but in the end, wouldn't you rather wipe the drive of system partitions and get a fresh storage drive for storage... 

and honestly... I wouldn't be storing any games on your SSD... it's there for boot and heavy cpu program startup (cs6, solidworks (for me), mastercam (for me), your browser if you insist on installing 50 bagillion widgets and toolbars(not me))... games start up about the same on either drive... it won't improve your fps, might improve load times, but I find that's a good time to go get a beer and take a smoke break anyhow... in a sense, you'll end up reloading games on rotation through your SSD and HDD, and for the improvement in performance it's just not worth the effort IMHO...

If you feel it is, buy a big enough SSD to chuck your HDD :)

I don't disagree with the idea of this, but you need to take into account where people are, their internet situation.  It might only be a few hours and however much in downloads to start over, but if he's someone with a poor internet connection and a quota, that few hours might well be a few days, and a large chunk of his monthly quota.

well how would i have my wd drive (i also purchased a new wd blue but 1tb this time also for storage) store games? like would i just have to reinstall them to that hard-drive after it is wiped? and where would i install them to?

when you install a steam game, it asks where to install them. make a folder on your hard drive where you want to install them into, and install them into that folder.

I just installed steam on the D:\ drive... then it automates everything there... but yea that works too

There are a couple of options.  If you're happy to just run games from the 1tb WD blue drive, you can choose that drive as the install drive when you install the game.  Click install, and you'll have a dropdown box that says 'Install under C:\program files\steam' or 'create new steam library on drive x'.  Choose that, then create a new folder on there to install to.


If you want to run your games directly from the SSD, you can use something called steam tool.  This is a 3rd party app that moves games from your steam folder, to a storage folder on a different drive for when you're not playing them.  If you want to play again, you move it back to your main drive.  Benefits of this are you can have your games load quickly from the ssd, get any benefits there may be for running from an SSD.  The drawback is you need to manually manage it.  Want to play the game?  Manually copy it back before you can play it, taking however long that takes to move the files.

solidworks! a fellow brotheren! i also use solidworks a tun!

alright well i think im just gonna wipe the drive, how would i do that with keeping some things on it? (such as videos and pictures and saved files?

Safest way is to copy off the files you want to keep onto a different drive, then once you're sure you have everything you need/want, format it.


thanks much everyone! i guess ima sit here sorting through what i want and dont want :P then w8ing hour for it to transfer/format :P

Shouldn't take that long to format.  Unless you're not doing a quick format. :P

... now when i try to format it it says that windows cannot format the system partition of the disk...

You mean the 100mb bit at the start?  If so, click start and type 'disk management'.  Should get something that says 'create and format hard disk partitions'.  That's the disk management app.

Find the disk you're formatting.  It will probably have 2 partitions.  A small 100mb one and a large one taking up the rest of the space.  Right click on both of them and click 'delete volume'.  When you're done it should be one large space.  Then right click that space and select 'new simple volume'.  Then just keep clicking next, it will create a new simple volume and quick format it for you.

theres no 100mb partition here is what i see ( and heres what i do to get that (

Oh ok, well same process should work.  Select delete volume instead of format.