Got a new ssd, Now what?

it says the same thing :o actually it says "windows cannot delete the active system partition on the disk

Ok then, big guns.


Open a command prompt as an administrator.  Type in these commands.  Be very careful here, if you get this wrong you could delete the wrong drive.  Would be best if only your boot drive and the 500gb drive were connected.



list disk  (this will give you a list of all disks in your system.  You can identify your 500gb drive by the size of the disk shown)

select disk x (where x = the number of the disk, identified above)


create partition primary

format fs=ntfs quick



Close cmd prompt.  Job done.

were going to need bigger guns...

Oh now I see what's happening....


Just had a closer look at your earlier screen caps.  Your ssd isn't your C drive...  When you bought your ssd what exactly did you do?  Can you boot directly from the ssd without the rest of the drives connected?


erm, i did alot of stuff kuz i diddent know what to do lol, but what ended up happening is i was running windows on the old 500gb wd and then i installed windows to the ssd.

Ok, well I'm not 100% sure what you've managed to do, but I think the best thing you could do from here is to back up all important data onto your new 1tb WD blue drive, then disconnect all drives except your ssd and reinstall windows.

If your old WD drive is C drive like I suspect, chances are you already have applications installed on there instead of on your ssd, so the whole thing is going to be a mess.



The process for this will be, connect the 1tb wd blue (if it isn't already).  Copy data from the 500gb WD blue and from your SSD onto it.  Be 100% certain you have everything off the SSD, it will get wiped as part of the next step.

Disconnect all drives except for your SSD.

Boot from your windows disk. (looks like win7 you're using?)

At the install screen, select custom. 

Now it should ask where to install windows.  Click the drive options link.

It should list at least 1 partition, but if there are more, highlight each one and click delete.  You should be left with 'Disk 0 Unallocated space'.

Click next.

From there on it's all pretty simple.


After you've finished the windows install, you can then connect your other drives.  This will insure your SSD becomes your C drive like it should be, and it will let you nuke your old 500gb drive to use for storage.

praise the loard baby hayzeuse. it worked!!

Woo, we got there in the end :p

yessir, thank you so much!