Google: There may or may not be a audio listener built on to Chrome


So as of June 17th which has already past. Google now has now put a "Audio Listener" onto Google Chrome. Now i know what you're probably thinking.. Oh you can just turn it off right? eh well that's hard to say. cause it's turned on by default. it's been listening for quite a while now. everyone's worrying about the NSA, and MURICA' people are paranoid about Microsoft and Windows. now you we have to worry about our own necessary evil Google.

My quick thoughts on the matter..

I've always used Firefox or "Waterfox" as it's aptly named for about a year now. i never really liked chrome as i felt it annihilated your ram and was a resource hog.. but DAMN GOOGLE YOU SCARY.


Salt enabled?

I don't have a mic plugged in, so meh.

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People are just hearing about this now? I posted this on #teksyndicate and #teklinux days ago and no one cared.

Chromium was bundled with binary code (non-free non-open source code) that was this. It goes against what chromium is. and it was advised that all computers with it installed should be considered compromised depending on required security of the device.

Its since been fixed in newer versions of chromium (may not be in stable channel yet)

But chrome is a different matter. Everyone does know that chrome bundles with propitiatory binary code right that you have no way of knowing what it does right?

Also your image is mis-reprasentative. It conveniently leaves out the auto capture booleans.

Hotword Search Enabled No
Always-on Hotword Search Enabled No
Hotword Audio Logging Enabled No

i just ripped the image off on the tweak-town site. i didn't screen shot it. i don't use Chrome. and I haven't for years now.

you'd be surprised how many people don't really hang around IRC that much.

I thought you might have, I thought it was worth pointing out either way.

open source/libre browsers are the way to go if you can if you have any need for control over software.

Interestingly even though its apparently not listening by default. This is another un installable extension.

It was discovered by someone who noticed chromium auto downloading the extension without permissions or acknowledgement.

Basically Chrome has the ability to download propitiatory blobs without your knowledge or consent. Its likely not the only browser to do it.

Alright. Alright. Turn down the conspiracy will ya?

This is from the latest dev-m build of cannary. It may be installed, but it's not enabled.

Then what would there be to use? Opera?

firefox, chromium,

on linux.. any of about 10 browsers. though many use similar rendering engines

read the second link i posted. they responded to it. after they "Got Caught". all they really said is "We're not going to abuse it." and whose to say we should trust that.

Also, in other news, Google just launched their Nest Camera for your house.

Interestingly basically the same people said on the part of chromium, sorry we screwed up it has been removed for the next build.

And they also said that we "hid" the option cause they feel it should be part of the experience.

In a way. Open-Source or not people should be given the choice or if we don't want it, we shouldn't have it.

Ah yes, the infamous Google tactic of 'the option is there we promise'.

Apple chief Tim Cook has made a thinly veiled attack on Facebook and Google for "gobbling up" users' personal data.

In a speech, he said people should not have to "make trade-offs between privacy and security". He attacked companies that "built their businesses by lulling their customers into complacency".

That's what Tim Cook said at the start of the month. It's like Google is playing into his words today.

I dislike the man but as Google's main competitor in many spaces they do an awful lot more for the user. You buy their products, they don't sell you as one. Even if their OSes leave some to be desired and they are playing 'catch up' on features at the moment.

My main issues really with Google as a whole is strictly how i personally feel about Android. In my opinion i feel if Android is an absolute turd for the end user. if you aren't investing onto a Nexus device there is really no point in buying an Android phone at all. you'll buy an Android phone just to rarely get updates and to get bloatware. everything other option is the Opposite.

I myself don't like Tim Cook either, i think he's an arrogant sociopath in all honesty. but back on topic,

Google has gotten so massive that it's almost impossible to move away from them in my opinion. Most if not all Android users have used Google Services as their primary service. We can't feel save and secure anywhere anymore.

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Manufacters are forced (as close as makes no difference) into bundling most of Google's apps. Most will only want Play store but they must pre install and set Google as default search engine, YouTube, Google Play, Google Plus, Hangouts, Gmail...the list goes on.

Annoying thing about iOS is you can't hide the default apps which fairdoes you can do on Android but at the same time who'll bother?

The biggest thing Android has going for it in my opinion is open source (and that's a big deal and a huge advantage!) but I ask what's the worth of open source when you load it up with closed source apps with the mindset of 1984?


Voice control never works correctly, anyway. But if this is the only way to get that technology working correctly, then my guess is that voice control is just another tech disaster; having to breach the user's privacy just to improve the service. Same thing Samsung has been doing with their smart TVs, and they do not regret it too.

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Cool. My browser is doing what it said it will for a while now, good to know it is still doing the same thing it always has.

In other news apparently Windows 10 will have the mic always enabled! Be scared be very scared! Who knows what they can, might and indeed will do with everything we say not only when the browser is open but from the moment of boot!

Also never go outside, there are cameras everywhere.

Don't driver your car or a ride your bike, hell don't even walk, the GPS is tracking you.

Also don't ever call or text anyone, the phone company keep records of all of those.

Finally if you shop, you know in a shop, that shop keeps track of what you bought. They say they use this information to accurately restock the shelves, but I have an inside source that tells me that the foor companies also get to see this information. Word is that they use it to see which brands are doing better than others and then advertise them harder.