Goodbye (and Hello) threadripper

i’m done.


I’ve seen quite a few of your postings on this topic, and it’s truly unacceptable that a platform of that calibre is so compromised by issues.

What system will you be moving to?

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I agree and I don’t know.

Which Threadripper System do you have? What do you use it for?

I currently Have A Threadripper Pro 7975 Wrx90 Platform.I use it for…

Music Production
3d Design
…the list goes on and on.

I use it for everything!

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Only other option is w790 asus sage and one of the x series xeons, maybe worth a try.

Ive been througg about 10 wrx90 systems so far and yours is the only one thats been this stubborn.

That plus the entirely different wrx80 makes me think sunspots or living under high tension lines or …sonething otherworldly


It’s a shame you haven’t come to some kind of resolution after all this time. For me it was disconnecting the A770 and that solved all of my problems so far (I will revisit the BAR when I actually have the time to do so).

I’ve had no crashes or weird anomalies since. I wish I could say I was also running six GPUs like another member, but I’m not made of that much money :sob: I wish you’d have been able to resolve your issues as your workloads mirror what I do, almost entirely even.


Whats crazy about the tantrum i just threw is i still haven’t given up entirely.


You’ve done so much already, it’s hard to imagine what else you could possible be missing short of a defective CPU which I believe you’ve already RMA’d.


Or a radio transmitter nearby. Time to build a Faraday cage?

I have come in really late here so forgive me if I am stating something you have already tried.

Different brand/model of PSU?

Just saw this too… which while I also have the same concern, likely for a different reason. If the system is running on the edge due to a faulty or underrated PSU, and you turn on your microwave (a high current device that causes the mains voltage to moentarally drop due to large in-rush currents), it might be pushing the PSU over the edge.

In other words, it might not be EMI, but rather just a low voltage/current situation with a dodgy PSU causing a fast transient that crashes things. You’d need an oscilloscope to measure for this, or just try another PSU.

Edit: Ignore my ramblings, should have read on a bit:

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Have you tried the new asrock WRX90 mobo?

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Ram issue?
Try different kit with different die manufacturer. Hynix die is preferred.

no…also that board lacks a lot of io. Its unfortunate how stripped it is.

have tried several kits already…targetting ones on the qvl.

I have a new psu. Same issues are present on the new 1600 that were present on the previos one. NO power issues here.

Have you tried your basic configuration at a friends house?

it really could be something as crazy as sunspots/lay lines/power lines/emi…

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Hi @KittyNour , I’ve been following your Threadripper tribulations, and I have to say, I can’t believe you stuck it out for long as you did. If you pay that money for a system for work (or play) you expect to spend more of your time actually getting on with work!

I’m relieved (but admittedly not too surprised) that my TR 7970X system with an ASRock motherboard, has been steady as a rock stable since I got it, which is exactly what I expect from my rig. BTW my rig is maxed out with GPUs and NVMe drives, SATA connections, the whole lot.

Wish you good luck and trouble free existence on your next system!


Don’t blame sunspots and lines/power.
Computers without ECC are still fine even running 24/7. Something must wrong with his Threadripper system.

I’d exercise caution recommending Intel SPRs chipplet CPUs for use in audio recording. On my 3495x I get intermittent audio pops recording with Reaper and AXE-FXIII. Truly a shame. Might only affect Windows. Might be able to tune bios, disable C-states above C1, to mitigate. Only way around I’ve discovered is increasing buffer size, but that induces latency which isn’t ideal (for me) recording live.

Perhaps other SPRs would be fine, or non-Asus board.