Glorious GMMK2 not working on HID Port of DP1.4 KVM

Hi all,
i bought a 2 port kvm switch from the store and it worked well with my logitech setup but after switching to Glorious GMMK2 96% and a Model I i get Problems.

When i plug the keyboard into usb3 ports everything works like a charm. But when using the hid labeled ports it works most oft the times only for a few seconds. After that no keys are recognized anymore. When i unplug it and replug it it is most of the time working again for a few seconds. When i‘m lucky it remains stable even on a hdi port but as soon as i switch inputs it brakes again.

I have the two on one dp1.4 version with 5gbps and connected are a mac and a windows pc.

Is there a way to get it running because i would like to hide the switch below the desk but therefore switching input via keyboard has to work.

Edit: a further problem not sure if it is related. When the computer is shutdown the rgb backlight on the keyboard stays on when using a hid port. When using the usb3 port the rgb backlight goes off as desired.

Try disabling nkey rollover? The keyboard staying on in a hid port makes sense.

Usb3 is hard cutover. USB hid is soft.cutover.

Hi Wendell,
thank you very much for your support. This indeed fixed the issue. To disable NKRO i had to flash QMK because i don’t know how to disable it on the stock firmware as this is not documented.

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