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Giveaway: Ryzen CPU, Mobo & RX480 with Level1, Tech Deals & Joker Productions | Level One Techs


-- MSI B350 Motherboard
-- Ryzen 1700X
-- RX 480

--- 6 Ways to Enter --- Details on Gleam using the link above ---

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AMD Ryzen 1700X Bundle & RX 480 Giveaway with Level1Techs & Tech Deals

Cool give away guys.

Good luck everyone.



Entering as we speak. Because if I don't I know that Gentoo will kill me.


First found out about this through Joker's vid.

Cool giveaway, but I would like to mention that I don't have and do not plan on getting twitter. Or Facebook. I have also grown to dislike giveaways that require either.

Still: cool giveaway.


Hey guys. Just wanted to make a quick post on the forum letting you all know about a collaborative effort between Wendell, Tech Deals and myself to give one lucky person a 1700X & motherboard bundle as well as an RX 480 for the second place winner.

If you're interested in entering, you can do so here:

For full details you can find them in the video below. Good luck all!

P.S. Wendell should be posting a video some time today with details for his viewers as well.


This is pretty sweet. Thanks to the three of you!


You guys are too nice! Just entered. I don't really need it, but I just can't help myself. :D




@JokerProductions i merged your topic with wendell´s topic if you dont mind.

Anyways awesome giveaway guys thanks ya´all for making this happen.

Grtz Angel.


I know I'm not going to win, so I won't even bother entering...
Still, good luck everyone :)



No trouble at all, Angel. Thanks for merging these.


This. I appreciate still being able to enter through youtube subs though.


Yeah, this youtube stuff is kinda new for me.. more subs is probably good. At least people genuinely interested in the content :D


The problem I have is gleam is easily gamed by people just looking to get in on free stuff. Theres a subreddit dedicated to it. I think giveaways are a great idea to gain subs but I think theres much better ways of going about it. Perhaps I'm just being cynical though.


I am all ears for easy fair ways to do these. I have a bunch of crap to give away


Do what @kewldude007 did for his xmas giveaway.

He just had a program pick a random number and that number correlated to the post number on the thread.


Yeah thats going to be something to brainstorm about,
to do this as fair as prossible for anyone.


Well that only applies to posts on the forums.

I think the way AvE (and some other youtubers) has dealt with it is decent, and thats just by picking random comments. There are websites to do so and they even take into consideration only one entry per person.

Stipulations could be made for subscribers only as well if thats the kind of route you want to go.

@wendell Far be it from me to suggest how to run the competition though. I just like bitching.


True. I wasn't thinking. If it only applied to the forum, it would be unfair for the YouTube viewers that don't forum.