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Giveaway: Ryzen CPU, Mobo & RX480 with Level1, Tech Deals & Joker Productions | Level One Techs


The opposite is true as well, I'm a forum user that don't youtube...


@wendell do you guys benefit more from us watching the videos on the L1 or on youtube? it looks like it shouldent matter but who knows?

I watch on l1 front page normally


Yeah, I'm not a fan of Gleam either. There is a much higher chance of someone winning that isn't even a part of your community, who will just grab the prize & run.

Seems kind of at odds with what Level1 is all about in my opinion.

Good luck to those who entered though.


well, you're watching an embedded YouTube video if its here. There is no difference.


Good luck everyone!


that's so cooooooooooooooooool!!!


I just have to borrow this clip. :grin:



My odds of winning are 0.00296 %

Or 1 in 33,742


Better than the lottery.


Never tell me the odds - Han Solo


Waiting for the winners, Recent Series on Ryzen and intel gaming smoothness has been excellent, I hope we will see more videos like that.


I hope this thing is still going on. I have a fx 6300 and a Radeon 7770... Please GAWD!


Eight days left. Would be a nice upgrade for my old FX CPU tho ill have to find me some DDR4 RAM.


ryzen performance scales with ram speed soo....


Yup. I hope who ever wins get some fast low latency RAM.


Well... Like 1/50k chances of winning, but here I go lol


1 and 17,500 odds. Not bad.
Waaaay better than the lottery.


MSI B350 Motherboard -- Ryzen 1700X -- RX 480
Good luck entrants.


Thats if you use twitter XD


I think that's the entire reason why I got one in the first place. I don't technically "use" it except for these kinds of things.