Gigabyte x399 Designare EX no power

I’ve recently bought a X399 Designare EX from Gigabyte sold as “defective” since it didn’t want to boot. The seller suspected a problem with the BIOS but clearing the CMOS didn’t change any of the strange behavior.

The board just doesn’t react to anything. Pressing the on board power button? nothing. Pressing the on board reset button? Nothing. Jumping the front panel IO connectors? Nothing.
I’ve did notice that the LEDs on the board did turn on for a fraction of a second every time I turned out the power supply.
So I jumped the green cable of the 24-pin to ground and Huzzah the board powers up and reads 00 on the post code readout (don’t own a CPU yet, wanted to confirm that the board at least powers up to give that post code before buying one).

I don’t see any burned traces, popped capacitors or any visual defect. A friend of mine said it might the the Soft Power Latching that’s busted.
Do you guys have any ideas on how to fix/repair it?

My trx40 boards don’t turn on without a cpu.
In general, there are boards that turn on without a cpu, but those aren’t that common.

So far i’d say that the board is behaving as expected.

Additionally, force powering a board does not tell you much because you are breaking the expected Powersequence.
If you were to do that with a CPU, i’d still expect a 00 Postcode.

@GameCyborg did you ever find a resolve for this issue?

I am experiencing pretty much exactly the same things but slightly varied (no postcode debug) only the flash of power like you say you experience.

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