Getting Ati DX11 or Waiting for NVIDIA?


Much thanks peacepcf! ^^ I owe you a cookie.
But I had nothing but bad experience with Asus.
I'm going to wait for one with EVGA and the price go down a bit. Haha.

Oh ya 32nm, Mmmm yummy...-drools-

Does USB3.0 really make that big of a difference?

my guess is nearly 10 times the data transfer speed will make a good difference.

Let me give you a little history:

USB 1.0/1.1 was 12mbit/s also it could not charge devices.

USB 2.0 was 480mbit/s and has a host charger meaning it can charge devices.

USB 3.0 is about 5gbit/s

Imagine your transfer speed. Yummy!

Now with SATA 3.0R (Revision)

I think the 1st SATA was 1.5gbit/s

SATA II was 3gbit/s

SATA 3.0R 6gbit/s

Seagate came out with the XT 2TB Hard Drive with the new SATA 3.0r. Crazzzyyy!

Of course all these device are backward compatible.


So imagine in the near future:

X58 with usb 3.0 and sata 3.0
Add Intel i9 Extreme
with x3 or x4 gtx 380
2000mhz 12gb RAM


I almost came at the last part there :3

Ok, when I put a flash drive in my USB2.0 slot, I do not get 480MBPS. So I don't care about what the spec says, I care about what the performance will be with my flash drive.

i believe these specs are theoretical maximums. you are going to fall under these speeds because of other factors, but that doest change that usb 3.0 and a usb 3.0 flash drive will get roughly 10 times the data transfer rate you are currently getting.

like spite said its just saying thats the literal max the technology can get you. If you're limited by your hard drive, ram, and cpu then of course it wont go that fast. Again obviously you will not be getting 5 gigs a second transfer when you get usb 3.0, but a boost will certainly be present.

my bad double post

edit: USB 3.0 and sata benchmarks

usb 3.0 is about 4x faster than usb 2.0 in all of the tests, which is incredible.

That's a great read :)Â Thanks. -drools-

Damn I though NVIDIA was going to make the cards cheap this time.But that new SATA sounds sick.

Very unlikely that they would make cheap cards, I mean obviously they will release mainstream cards, but G300s are high end.

Myself, I will be selling my Radeon HD 4870 and getting either a 5850, 5870 or 5970 around Christmas, but thats me.

You do know with DX11 physx is going to be useless right?Anyway. I tell people to wait for nvidia, however I think I'll be happy with a 5770. I really don't even need to upgrade, I just want tri monitor support.Â

Wait for Nvidia.

Im waiting for them to release some crazy shit, so I can use my GTX260 for physx and a GT300 for awesomeness.. x]

If anything it will be more useful, as I'm sure it will be ported to DirectCompute, and OpenCL. Which would make it the cross platform standard.

I'll wait and see, if only because everything will be cheaper.


There really is no reason to buy ATi right now, they inflated the prices for christmas since there really is no competition.

Yeah I would agree with that. Having the 5970 getting sold out doesn't help things either. It just gives them another reason to not lower the price. I think some competition is needed right now. I also love Physx and OpenGl. Is OpenGL Compatible with ATi? Because then I might think about getting one later.