Getting a new phone soon, what one tho?

Basic thing here is that I need a new phone soon. I'd like to go back to android, but at the same time I use my phone for less and less now that I have reliable computers.

My basic use nowadays is as a camera, google machine, spotify, email, and twitter. I could literally get any modern phone and have the same stuff as my iphone 5S but new phones today have fancy ass low light cameras and 4K. I don't have much of a company preference. I like Lenovo computers so a phone can't be too awful, I don't think. Processor and ram don't matter to me either. I haven't kept up at all in the last 2 years.

Basically, I want a reason to not get a iphone 7+. For the uses I have with a phone, a 7+ will do fine. At the same time I miss the full customizeability, cyanogen, and dvorak on a phone is hilarious to give to people, especially people who think stealing my phone is a good idea.

My last phone was an LG Optimus G LS970. I loved that thing and still have it. Problem is, it only goes up to android 5.0.6. I could flash it back to 4.4 and get a new battery I guess but.... Ugh, I'd rather not TBH.

So, seduce me. I have sprint.


Doesn't really matter. I'm not paying 800 dollars for a phone, but I have a payment plan with Sprint.

being CDMA makes your options a lot more limited

Well its not like I have a lot of choices in my area. I'd switch my family to ting if they weren't expecting to get ripped off for no reason (how ironic).

Too be fair, if you a data whore (like me) then ting really isn't that great. I've used over 40GB in a month on my T-Mobile unlimited plan, and the cost of doing that on ting has to be ridiculous since you pay per GB.

I've heard good things about the OP5, but I don't think you can finance that through sprint and idk if all the bands would work. Your safest bet is too get something like an LG G6, which I'm seeing for $14.75 a month which is seems pretty damn good for that good of a phone.

lol I thought the newest was the G5. I'll take a look :3

The G6 came out a bit before the GS8 if I remember right, and it looks to be a damn good phone. Snapdragon 821, lots of ram, lots of storage, etc. For half the monthly cost of a GS8 or iPhone 7, the G6 is a STEAL

I have the S8+ and its amazing so far.... And battery life is awesome.

Edit : I am also on sprint

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Yeah I just saw a pocketnow review of the G6. I'll probably get that lol.

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Good phone and good price, go for it. I'm happy with my Pixel XL 128gb for now though :smiley:

you can never really go wrong with the Note 4, the CDMA versions are usually cheaper than GSM..

Hmmmm, though I do like the idea of 4k recording in my pocket.................. I guess thats where the iphone is still whatever to me lol.

I would figure a Moto X/Z or Moto G, last I checked the specs weren't to bad, and you could add mods to the back

Lol well the only mods I do to phones are i os. No hardware.

OnePlus5? It even looks similar to an iPhone, but it has a headphone jack. Seems like a good phone from the reviews. I love my OnePlus3, and it's still going strong.

Well I'd like to just walk into the store and pick one up and leave when I have to renew my 2 year lol.

If you're going for a mass consumer phone that you can find in the Sprint store the LG G6 is my suggestion too. I don't like the approach of Samsung to phones, too bloated software and pretty heavly locked down. LG still keeps warranty after software mods as far as I remember so you'll be good if you want to falsh a new ROM in a year. Also the design looks a lot more sturdy than the one of the GS8.

The Essential phone is coming to Sprint

Sprint user? Easy, HTC 10
$240 to own outright..
I reluctantly switched over from a Nexus 6P(battery issues, so its in for repairs), but I have to admit, this phone has won me over. Incredible sounding DAC, supports nightmode out of the box, and excellent build quality.
Camera is technically equivalent to the 6P, but Google's HDR+ has the superior image stacking algorithm if you're the snap and go type; however, the 10 can capture in RAW, and has the manual settings which allow you to squeeze out some jaw-dropping photos out of that sensor.
Despite it being a last year phone, its still a darn good device today.. Definitely selling the 6P once it's back in my hands.

PS G6 is $120 at BestBuy, but unsure if the terms require a new line of service, or if upgrade equally qualifies..