[GET HYPE] Baldur's Gate III

Just learned about this!

Do we have any CRPG, Baldur’s Gate, Planescape, D&D, Icewind Dale, Pillars of Eternity/Tyranny/Tides of Numenera fans?


Soundtrack for the thread

The image in the video is a little NSFW. But :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


I am really curious what direction they’re going to go with the game. If you’re going to play Illithid, does that mean it’s going to be like Tyranny, where the story choices range from Lawful Evil - Chaotic Evil? Or is that an NPC/final boss/disease/story point your party is going to have to deal with?

Super stoked for this game. I was late to the party with these games. I purchased Planescape: Torment and EverQuest: Ruins of Kunark at the same time, to give some context and perspective of when I got into the game :wink:

I loved EverQuest, but I couldn’t figure out Planescape. I tabled it for years, despite getting about 1/4 through the game (brute force lol).

The same situation happened with Icewind Dale. So, I stuck with “”“easy”"" RPGs: Diablo II, EverQuest, World of Warcraft… Eventually I got my hands on Baldur’s Gate II. I didn’t understand some of the story, but enough of it to make me want more. I went sequentially after that, eventually breaking into the new generation with Pillars of Eternity.

Sorry to bore you with my history. All this to say


;D Can’t wait.


I have played all the but the last two in that list. Though admittedly I haven’t finished PoE2 now that I think about it.

I’m hoping they do a good job with it, but I think Larian probably will.

I started my MMO addiction with UO and it mostly ended with Wow, but the last I played was FF14. Just not into the genre like I was before.

Currently considering doing a complete replay of the fallout series…

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I’m hoping it goes well and I am really looking forward to it!

Oh man, Ultima Online is something I never got into. I know what it is and I watched some friends play, but I never got into it like some people. EverQuest was definitely my jam, though. I was really into WoW until Wrath, then I fell out hard. Never was able to get back into it, I tried Cat, Pandas, and Legion.

I share the sentiment of not being into the genre like before. My take on it:

Early WoW, all of EverQuest, and my understanding of Ultima Online, they were all about exploration. You were rewarded for getting out of your comfort level or making that 2 hour trek across the planes, out of Everfrost, just to get mauled by a giant. A story of the world was being told, and you played your part, often witnessing the change or, sometimes, even causing the change around you.

I remember looting a corpse some other players had killed and running for my life back to town where the guards would protect me. You could attack anyone and anything in EQ, but you were punished it for it swiftly and severely if it happened in a major city. It was glorious when someone got obliterated lmao. That sort of freedom isn’t available today.

MMORPGs now cater to the lowest common denominator. You have waypoints and icons on the map that tell you exactly where your objective is. You’re given repeated, daily quests to grind for gear that everyone else has.

Dude, definitely make a “Let’s Play” series/thread if you’re up to it. That’s something I would love to see!

I hope it’s good, but the last couple of D&D licensed games haven’t been any good so I won’t hold my breath.

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There was plenty wrong with it, but the one thing I always remember about it was the community. Guilds would schedule events that didn’t necessarily entail dungeons or grinding. And the GMs would hold server events as well.

But I switched to EQ as soon as it came out and like I said in the other thread played until the ice giants.

Wow was until Wrath as well… I think. I kinda got burned out on raiding with my guild when Bliz just did away for the attunments we had been working on. Just didn’t sit well with me.

LOL yeah. I remember trying to move my brothers character from the Barbarian area to the Dwarven on so we could group together. Got him killed. Lost all his gear and he just decided to reroll after that.

Traveling zones by running along the zone wall hoping nothing too high a level noticed you.

lol I dunno. Never done such a thing. I’ll think about it.

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Never played these and but I really like that trailer

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This is made by the same people that did Divinity Original Sin 2. I’m all about this game. Plus having Illithids, who are the coolest, makes this game super high on my hype meter.


This totally has me stoked! I think I’ll need to add games to my backlog and play this when it comes out.

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Why did I think “bioware, nevermind” when they have nothing to do with it?

Did they sell the IP?

I thought Black Isle/Obsidian owned them :man_shrugging:

I don’t know. I just remember that Bioware was the dev for Baldurs Gate 1 and 2.

Which is why I got confused.

After 2013ish, Bioware hasn’t released a good game, so I was ready to start my skepticism, but I’m definitely hyped to know that they have nothing to do with the game.

Have they released anything since 2013?

EDIT – DA:I came out 2014, but that game was legit. I never played Andromeda but I heard mixed reviews.

Yeah, DA:I, Andromeda, Anthem.

Andromeda was so bad that the story content DLC was cancelled.

Anthem is apparently shit, I don’t really know since I’m not buying bioware anymore.

My personal experience with Andromeda, after putting approx 150 hours into it:

It was a beautiful game, as far as scenery goes. It really pushes my 1080ti. It was a horrible game as far as character development and voice acting tho. The characters themselves all looked androgynized. (my term for the simultaneous masculinization of women and feminization of men)

The gameplay was pretty fun, but got boring quick since there wasn’t really any way to differentiate your gameplay. It was literally just “shoot them a thousand times” or “shoot them a thousand times while hovering in the air” or “shoot them a bunch over here, then jump across the map and shoot them a bunch there”

If you can get it for like $10-15, I’d say it’s worth it for the scenery, but don’t bother with all the side quests and stuff, just hammer through the primary objectives so you can explore the galaxy.

EDIT: God damn it, I’ve been having clipboard issues lately.

technically I include Mass Effect 3 in the “bad games” category. That said, it wasn’t a bad game until the last 25 minutes, when you realize there is no boss fight and you have to choose between three different colored shitty endings.

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Lmfao. How do you fuck up a Mass Effect game? Shoulda done it about Wrex or something.

Didn’t know that was them. The Destiny clone? Interesting…

Your experience is what I heard as well, mostly. The non-RPG folks were like “Combat is cool. Game is alright.” The RPG folks were like “Game is shit, fuck Bioware” lmao. Good thing I didn’t play :wink:

Agreed. But you’re right, the journey was 10/10, just the destination sucked.

I loved DA:I – It’s really hard to get me to hate a fantasy game. You have to try to make it bad.

Uhh, they went full-bore identity politics on their development team and the writing suffered as a result. Like, I don’t give a shit who you hire, but if, somehow, this line (video below) makes it in, you’re going to be firing a lot of people:

Seriously tho, how many people looked at it and said “yep, this line is good”

Also, the default female “not Shepard” looks like she fought a brick wall with her face.

Exactly. I’m an RPG guy who enjoyed it for the combat.

DA:I is Andromeda with a skin, and possibly better writing.

Now that I’ve thoroughly derailed your thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Baldur’s Gate is a D&D ip so it’s owned by Wizards of the Coast. Bioware just licensed it back in the day and now Larian is doing it.


Ah, that makes sense then.

When I saw that line, I thought to myself, “well at least their being honest…”

You know those cringy moments in the office?

Yeah, this was worse.

I can’t watch the office because it’s so cringy it makes me sick. That scene is always, without fail, a “let’s go outside or do something else” moment.

Is this another attempt at derailing this thread further off track? :slight_smile: