Generic Life Advice?


The purpose of this post is for the younger members of this community, like myself, and as much as young people hate to admit that parents and older people are right 9/10 of the time when advising us younger people, we still do some stupid s**t sometimes. It's a part of growing up, making your own mistakes, or so I've found in my own experience to say the very least.

The Wisdom To Share

Could the more mature and adult members recommend any good advise, from life advice to financial advice. Could you share your knowledge and could you share your experience please? I think that it's fair to say that you do become wiser as you grow older, so please, wizards, share your wisdom.

Like myself, I've been planning on moving out in the next <5 years, but I have no idea what to look for in a property, I know half of that is down to personal taste (country side vs city as an example), but I don't know what makes a good property. I also don't know what would be better, a leasehold or a freehold arrangement, or even just renting. I mean I've tried looking it up online, and I've not had many useful searches, and when I talk to my parents about it, and they don't know much about the topic.

How To Even Life?

Put my personal issue aside, would anyone in the community be able to share life hacks, I mean anything from ironing your clothes to the best way to pour a bowl of cereal... A bit random, I know, but that's my point, if you have anything useful to share, please share your life hacks.

A lot of people say things like you should live for the moment, then a lot of other people say that you should live for tomorrow, hence the more sensible people being a part of existence. Well what do you guys say? Should you live for the now? Or should you live for tomorrow? ... I don't mean to the extreme, like blowing all of your money on something stupid today, and then leaving yourself screwed over when you have to pay bills, just to clarify....


So as I've stated, I have no idea what I'm doing really when it comes to looking at property, I mean I see some places and just think it looks nice, but what else should I be looking for? Would you guys suggest trying to live close to where you work so you don't need a car? What would you suggest to look for in a property?

Also, as I've stated, what would be best for most people, free-holding, lease-holding, or just renting? I would assume this would vary depending on your financial position, but I'm just trying to talk as generically as possible. I'm trying to make this subject so generic so it's a simple/brief solution to all.

Would you suggest more rooms or less rooms? - I mean this would of course depend on how many people are living there too, but y'know, I mean generically, let's say 2-4 people living in this property. Would you recommend more bedrooms than needed or just the right amount to save having empty rooms? Also isn't heating a larger property more expensive? Talking about heating, what heating methods would you recommend? Gas? Oil? Good ol' fashioned fire?

Anything else?

If you can think of anything else to share that's probably useful advice, then please do so?
Finally, if you've read through all of this then thank you, I hope you have something to say! :)


No one is as good at fooling you than your own preconceptions and biases. You will inevitably meet people that believe in a variety of nonsense and you will have your own variety of nonsense; the only sane approach to reconciliation is to appeal to evidence in both cases. Inductive reasoning is useful, but it should be tempered with the understanding that any premise you hold to be true could easily be false given more information. It is always better to say 'I don't know' than to mislead yourself without evidence.

Good point, I know that I'm stuck in my own ways with some things, some things I don't even have much of a reason for, other than that's just me. I'm well aware that I have plenty of my own nonsense, I mean I've had people very logically ask me why I think or believe in this or that and I can't give an answer that's perfectly logical. I just do. What do you want from me?

My parents are very much stuck in their own ways with somethings, like property ideas, not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just they won't even begin to hear anything other than the idea of a free hold arrangement.

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The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.
Richard P. Feynman

Richard Feynman may not have designed rockets for a living, but he did groundbreaking work in quantum mechanics, won the Nobel prize for his work in quantum electrodynamics and he helped to design the atomic bomb. You could say that he was smarter than the average bear.

A physicist must collect and dispassionately analyze data. He then formulates a theory and tests it against the observable world. He must always be ready to discard his theory, whenever it is at variance with the facts and formulate a new theory. A proud and prejudiced person, does not a good physicist make.

Your parents are offering data, but perhaps not enough for you to formulate a comprehensive theory. You may need to collect more data in order to formulate your theory. Perhaps their data is skewed due to some edge case with which they are familiar, or perhaps their data is more representative than you have initially anticipated. Either way, I doubt that they would intentionally attempt to mislead you.

At some point in life we reach an asymptote, AKA "Leaving the Nest," where we begin to make decisions for ourselves. Up until that point, however, we are not empowered to make meaningful decisions for ourselves. It is a well known fact that teenagers literally know everything, so they chafe at these restrictions. Unfortunately, that's the deal; you live at home under supervision, or you leave the nest. There is no in between. Conflict is not a persuasive argument. It only rubs people the wrong way and inflames the issue. With facts and reason, you may persuade them. Then again, they may never be persuaded. Once you are on the far side of the asymptote, you make your own decisions and you live with the consequences. Not before.


Best advice I ever got

There is NOTHING wrong with failure, losing, bad decisions etc. Its only stupid if you DONT learn from them and repeat the same mistakes over and over.


Life Advice

Don't stick your nether regions in a blender.


^^ this guy - this guy gets it.


Best piece of advice I was ever given.

"There's that thing. You know, that thing you should be doing? Yeah, do it."

Never be tech support for friends/family.

The only advice you'd get from me I'm a wing it enthusiast in all walks of life.

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or alternatively

bout as generic an advice resource as you can get

w.meri Life Advice #2

Don't spoiler links.


As someone slowly going in to middle age I can say that you never stop learning. It's also perfectly acceptable to learn from people younger than you. This sounds simple but a surprising amount of people let it slip by them.


Worst advice I got from adults was 'go to college, take out some debt.' My advice is 'skip college (with caveats), don't take out debt.'

Saw this guy shared on facebook, haven't watched this whole thing, but he's pretty real with people. Kinda a harsher version of Mike Rowe, whom I admire a lot. Basically their message is get up, get skills in what there's a market for, view life as an investment, nobody is going to fulfill your dreams for you. Do you dream of doing something that nobody wants to pay for, tough, but realistically there are probably lots of things you'd enjoy doing that make plenty of money.

King James version? For shame.

This post is a joke. No offence is intended.


Clothespins aren't Pins. This applies to other words too, most things are not at first what they seem to be.

Begin saving for retirement as soon as possible.

I could elaborate but it's tax season and I'm very busy this time of year (I'm an equal partner in a tax preparation company).


Don't be a stupid fucking c*nt and everything will be gr8.

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That's really fucking hard dude. Fuck you by the way. SHIT I DID IT AGAIN!

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Just a few things.

If you'r renting a property/service/anything really then take some pictures of it before hand/when you get it. I've been stung before by apparent landlord fees for things that weren't in the inventory, but I had no evidence to back it up. On that same point, make sure you have paper trails of stuff.

Have an emergency fund. This is the money you use only when something truly expected comes up, that you couldn't control. Be strict with this, be strict with yourself.

I've found it easy to keep a spreadsheet of my finances (I used to be shit with money) and it helped me out a bucket load.

Homemade food is always the cheapest way to eat (unless you're living off value snacks, but that isn't good for you at all). Most of the time it's healthier, too.

Ketchup works with almost anything as a cheap addition to your meal, unless it's pasta. Stay away from ketchup on pasta.

If there's someone you trust then don't be afraid to ask them for any kind of help.

It never hurts to plan ahead. Living in the moment, on the spot, is great fun but leaves you open to risks. Pausing just for a second to think of the alternative might work in your favour more.