Gayest song/music video ever?

OK, first off, not being homophobic! I'm gay, and I'm using the adjective in it's purest form. I wanna know what you guys consider the 'gayest' songs or music videos! LOL I've got some of my own suggestions, but am always curious to hear new candidates!

Here are a few top contenders:

Tiffany - I think We're Alone Now

Kim Wilde - You Keep Me Hangin' On

Madonna - Express Yourself

New Kids On the Block - You Got It


So lets hear some good suggestions! Nothing overly campy or obvious a la "Wut Wut in the But" LOL!

I don't know of any songs. 

But here's litterally the gayest movie I have ever heard of. 

(Not Brokeback Mountain)

Interesting! :P That's one I have not heard of!

That's easy.



Far removed from Club Tropicana. Shouldn't even know this stuff, being a metalhead.

I'm not sure how I feel about this thread. I don't use "gay" as a term that way, I find it offensive to my sexuality.


Donna Summer - I feel love

Kate Bush - Hounds of Love

Antony and the Johnsons - Hope there's someone

I think you may misunderstand the thread; "Gay" is not at all being used as a pejorative here. 

Well, I don't! I'm sorry if it offends you, but referring to a song as more "gay" than another doesn't offend me. I'm not using gay in a negative context, I'm using it in a positive way. 

I can see that, it still bothers me, but I understand.


What about calling a song or video 'gay' in a positive way bothers you? Would 'camp' be a better word for you? :P

And then it's just potato / potahtoe :P A glittery, twirling ball of spandex is still a dancing queen, call it what you like. :-D

I suspect until you really own the word gay in yourself, it can be a bit of a problematic term to younger guys, due to how much its come back into vogue as a casual derogatory term almost even void of sexul conatitons.

That reminds me, Vouge - Madonna! 


I didn't put "Vogue" on my list mostly because it treads that fine line between 'over the top gay' and 'fun, pop, danceable gay'... LOL

I do get what Brennan was saying about using the word 'gay' that way, but remember, gay actually means 'happy' in english, it was only in the 19th and then 20th centuries that it was used to refer to non-hetero folk :P

I just don't like people using "gay" to mean anything other than what it is. It is offensive to me, when people use it to make fun of others.

Do you find the term "gay bar" "gay Icon" or "Gay rights" offencive?

And you can't use the word "faggot" anymore either, used to be a lovely bundle of sticks. On cold winters' nights you'd throw another faggot on the fire. But now they work in restaurants, making your salads, being snotty and still expecting fifteen percent.

Can't use the word "fisting" anymore either, oh no. No, no. But back in the forties the girls and I used to fist every Sunday afternoon. It was a knitting stitch, and a very difficult one.