Gaming PC $1200

I posted a topic about thoughts on a gaming pc parts list a while back, but I wasn't satisfied with it. So hopefully this will get 'er done. I didn't want to put out any specific parts this time because I want to see why you guys recommend. I will be doing mostly gaming and some Cad work.

My only preferences:

-Rog/Red theme

-around $1200

Any replies would be greatly appreciated. 


i have sort of a template for this, actually....i'll adjust it some to fit...

budget include monitors?

take a look at this:

Wow that motherboard looks really nice, so I think I'll go with that. Oh and the price doesn't include a monitor or OS.

Im a big fan of simple looking cases with some brushed aluminum, but I'm not a fan of the corsair cases (200mm front and windows are wack) Would you recommend anything?

Costs money, worth money. I'd look at Lian Li as well.

waht do you think of this one?

case should generally not be much more than 10% of the whole build cost



Yea I really like that case and I've seen some nice water cooled builds with it, but it just costs too much. 

Thanks for the advice though

That case is a little too futuristic for my tastes. I prefer more simple looking cases (eg. 650D) Thanks a lot for your time though. 

Also for rendering in Cad would you recommend Nvidia or Amd?

Nvidia, it benifits from CUDA cores. With that statement with it shouldnt cost more then 10%, think of it this way. If that case holds 3 builds then its worth the cost. Dont think of buying a nice case just for this build but for many.

nope, cad doesn't have CUDA, or, at least, most of it doesn't. it's also very single-threaded....

"CUDA technology is a parallel processing architecture and Tesla cards are for massively parallel graphics applications."

CAD is, by its very nature, very linear, so cuda, even if supported, wouldn't help.


and a $100 case from a good brand should last as long as a $250...


Alright I'll try and get a nice nvidia card. You bring up a good point with the case cost too. It would be worth it to buy a nice case if I use it for multiple builds. But the fractal arc midi is selling for $50 on newegg! too bad its out of stock or I would have ordered right now


no, stick with amd, he's wrong, CAD doesn't support cuda at all. it isn't even multi-threaded, except for a few specific processes, such as rendering.



Last as long yes, but provide the benifits no. I dont understand the logic, why buy something to simply get by with for build after build. Or get something you actually want and can expand in. 

I've read a few things that CAD benefits from CUDA but does not need it. AMD works, but is slower to do 3D building etc. 


I really like the fractal cases, but no brushed aluminum :( I guess I should just suck it up and pull the trigger

Do you know of any good 7970 with non reference coolers? 

Asus (probably near the best cooler), MSI (pretty great), Gigabytes Windforce with 3 fans are very strong

Fractal cases are very nice, nothing wrong with them at all.





Bitfenix are better budget cases, with similar features. Depends how much you want to spend really.

Wow just as I talk about the arc midi on an amazing sale, it goes back to $100.... anyways what do you guys think of this build