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Gaming just getting more and more of a black eye



Are depictions of child rape legal? If so, then I say they should be allowed to exist wherever someone would host or display them. Asking me if they are ok is not the same as asking if I would agree they should be protected under freedom of speech and expression. If you want to know if I think they are ok as it pertains to if I would view or consume such material, my answer is no.


Then are depictions of rape legal? I know in the UK they are not.


I’m from America, and as far as I know depictions of rape involving adults are legal. When depictions of children are involved it varies between states.


I had started to reply but was at work and had to stop, the conversation has since gone far past where my comments would have fit in.

What you are describing @tomtalk24 is thought crimes. You say what is to stop people after being desensitized but human morals never come into you arguments.

In the case if games we all ready have, like GTA, you can run people down like you say and Alps shoot them and in the latest release actively go through torturing and innocent person, but were you confronted with these options in real life the vast majority would never do such things.

I know the instant response will be to examples of shootings and revenge killings and these do happen. I see it that they are easy and quick things to do and generally involve no clear thought until it is too late. Where as an act of raoe us not a quick easy thing, there are many steps involved, many points to question you actions and you have to actively confronted the victim in the process. They are both illegal and bother abhorrent things to do but not equally comparable in this sense.

They do both happen, which again raises the question of what is to stop people doing it and the answer is unfortunately education. This is frankly never going to happen and even the suggestion of it would cause as much outrage and illicite responses that people all ready know right from wrong and would feel like they are doing morally wrong. As we know this is not always the case though. So what then, do we monitor everything people do to try and spot problem people and selectively take them in for what would certainly be labeled reconditioning? And if of the spill over, the people who for legitimate reasons look into these acts, do they get caught up in the blame? Who decides who is going to commit crimes based on their media intake and habits?

This is a very tricky thing to decide on and so far what we have is the best compromise. And make no.mistake it is just that, not good or bad and certainly not universally agreeable but it allows those who want violent entertainment have access to it but it also does not stop those that should not have that access.

No matter what we do problem cases still exist. Even if all form s of violent and sexually depraved media were eliminated tomorrow these people still exist and will still commit horrific crimes.


As much as id like to, I cant judge or pick holes in another culture or nation on a world wide platform like this forum.


Ive been through GTA, we have laws and the police to stop these acts. As they are in the open. But tourture and rape, these are in private and behind closed doors so to say.

Not too long ago homosexuality was illegal, and women and other races than caucasian where classed as second. Education takes a long time, but education works both ways. Its as easy to teach someone not to do something as it is to teach them its not that bad to do something. And imo this role play “game” will only teach people thats its ok or less of a chrime like petty theft.
Sex is also a hormone, its controllable, but can slip. And as people get desensitized, they wont stop when asked to. This is the issue I think things like this will cause.
But then we come back around to the GTA debate, is that related to anger control. Is the news related to school shootings or ISIS recruitments. Tricky indeed.


Education and acceptance like in the case of homosexuality and racism was typically followed their growing presence in society. They reach a point where it can no longer be ignored, censored or criminalised, at this point education is introduced to equip people to deal with what they will be confronted with.

So I don’t feel banning these games is the answer but rather their existence can be catalyst for improvement of all people. Ignoring the problem gets us nowhere.

Sorry upon reading it back there was a few words out of place and some misspellings.


It was deleted from my HD
ISDefense is a pretty good rail shooter and I downloaded the mod

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Never miss an opportunity to slam the Government monopoly on education:

Far worse then anything from the Roman church


I was referring to the claim that Jim Sterling had anything done at all or that it was his fault. But screaming SJW just seems to be the common whiny complaint of the netizens currently.


Rape is an act of power not of sex as most experts will tell you if you research even a little. which is why for thousands of years it accompanied war and conquest in nearly every culture of mankind. it is as distasteful as murder in my personal view but as a society we seem to, judging by sentencing, to be more tolerant of murder especially if the perp is young.

I see it both ways: video games are not reality though such dark fantasies are unfathomable to me but a society also has a right to pressure people and businesses on the values they demonstrate especially when youth are influenced. I do have to wonder about the character of any person who desires to live a fanstasy of raping someone (when you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you). I wouldn’t want to knwo you or have you meet my family,

In the end, money talked (and the fear of litigation) and the game was pulled. Fantasy in a game is not a crime (until we create the AI-driven Department of Pre-Crime), but actually committing a crime is. threatening a to burn a theater down in game or on Facebook is not a crime, actually attempting it (or shouting “Fire” in there) is. I think letting game companies and services push the envelope and deal with societal backlash is probably the best market-driven compromise we can make without letting government intervene and grow ever more intrusive and repressive and domineering.