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Gaming just getting more and more of a black eye



In topics I am intested in yes, this is one of them, and in ones I create I would be very likely to while the discussion is new and going well.

Oh so you tarring everyone with one brush when you don’t get you way is not inflammatory at all then?

Nice dragging up history there. Good job being civil and respectful to all the people here.

Please do tell me why you are angry as up till now I have only been part of a reasoned discussion. You are the one pointing fingers and throwing your toys out of the pram when people disagree in an open discussion you started.


I don’t care about the existence of that game. Doesn’t hurt me to not play it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If steam doesn’t want to be the one selling a game called gaychildrapeniggerhitler in the near future, they have to draw a line somewhere. #theirplatform


Steam did respond to some guy named Jimqusition on youtube

Things are gonna get much much worse IRL. I made the mistake of asking a guy at work “What does running a train mean?”

Still remember one head of state saying “At least our allies don’t eat other peoples internal organs”


angry… ANGRY I tell you!


There are anecdotes that suggest that it is a release or an outlet.

There is no evidence that suggests that people do this stuff in real life after doing it in a game.


A couple people there couldn’t actually find evidence of that. A simple Google search didn’t turn anything up either.


What if it was about pedophilia, or ISS recruitment/extremism. Thats okay then because “freedom man”… Imo there is a line. Its not about offended people, its about social morality.


Doesn’t change a thing really. Pictures and Videos of such are not allowed because actual people and children where harmed in the making. This isn’t the case for Video Games, Paintings, Comics and such.

I would argue, that there is a lot of content in the Manga Realm that’s close to or straight up child Porn. Those don’t get banned though. Because what’s depicted didn’t happen. We don’t ban ideas, we ban harming other people. Make a video of sex including minors and you go to jail, because you have hurt actual people (physically and mentally). If you instead draw it, you are free to do so, as you have not harmed actual people.

I personally think it is REALLY important to not criminalize what’s in someones head. Even if it doesn’t hold up to your moral standards. Criminalizing that only leads to fewer people talking about it and seeking help. This goes for rape as much as for pedophilia. I’m all for punishing those that commit those crimes. But i also think those that have such things in their head should get help and talk to someone about it. Generally Criminalizing that would not help anyone.


And what stops Z person from developing a very nasty attitude to sex? This is where rape stems from, people not knowing or detaching themselves from sexual edicate.
This is why we dont have revenge porn, or bdsm without a disclaimer.

An anime picture of a young schoolgirl imo is still wrong, but im not Japanese and dont see this as art, yet many do.
Its more imo about the desensitisation of the severity of the “art form/work”. Once someone is desensatised from the harm of rape with shite like this, nothings really going to stop Z person from understanding and holding themselves back from doing it.

I would argue, if you had a game that promoted the Nazis, you had to do a salute for points, read the manifesto and final solution. This would make the whole Nazi and fascism thing a lot less of a bad thing. Again because you become desensitised of its severity. Much like its rise due to football.


If no crime has been committed I’m fine with all content. It’s called freedom not restriction, and yeah I strongly believe in that idea. Some may not see video games as art, but I do. Video games are used to express ideas, feeling, and most contain a narrative. How is this medium of expression any less valid than the others?


Is this about the rape role play, or my pedophilia example.
I get what youre saying, and agree. But where does something start to hurt another person (physically). Be it making rape seem as less of a crime, or by causing others to do it. Again rape and tourture arnt in the open, they are private. Wheres GTA, we have laws and police to prevent someone driving down pedestrians (or try to “London”).
And would you then say depictions of child rape made out to be art is ok? Or would this just desensitise people to become like Rolf Harris? In a court of law, if he had paintings like that he would be inside for a lot longer.


Then it would be a Catholic game


A little anti semitic, but ok. Thats coming from an antitheist lol.


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The comments will stop when Catholics get their pedo issue resolved, I think there will be plenty of material for my lifetime.


Same could be said for ALL religions. From Jewish circumcision using an adults mouth to remove the childs what not, to Islam for young girls genital mutilation. But I guess some things are “ok” and some arnt :confused:


I was replying to your example of pedophilia, but I think framing the argument in context of the which subject is being depicted is a little " can’t see the forest for the trees"

The crux of the issue for me is I’m seeing a pattern of some people using social media to force things they find offensive to be censored from platforms. With that said, I agree that whoever owns a platform can decide not to host content. My issue is with the manner in which a few with influence can decide what others can and can’t consume on those platforms. If this continues I fear one day anything slightly offensive will simply disappear from all platforms. This could be a dangerous road to go down in my opinion. With tech giants seeming to become monopolies where will it end? With sites like Twitter becoming so important beyond the virtual space that Jack Dorsey calls it a public square, and some say even has an impact on government elections. An offensive utterance can already get you excluded from such places. What happens if they can also control what content you consume? How small will the Overton window shrink? What will then be called heresy by the digital orthodoxy?


They’re both equaly as bad, they are both still rape. Just with rape people dont think of as bad as the stigma associated with pedophilia is much worse because it involves childeren. But both involve someone unable to defend themselves. So I think the point still stand.
So, are depictions of child rape ok?


If you think ass banging a boy over the altar and circumcision are remotely close you got issues.


Im not arguing its ok?! Im arguing it happens in all religions! For the adult removing the forskin with his mouth, or a young girls having their clitorous remove, stiched up, and becoming infected, only to be broken in by the husband!
ALL are as bad as each other. The Scouting Association has the same problem, and thats Church of England!
To say one is worse than the other, is a little ignorant. They ALL affect someone less able to defend themselves. Kinda going off topic with this dont ya think?