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Gaming just getting more and more of a black eye



… and my odds in humanity getting better drop further with this …

I mean what is there to say about this? I wonder if you guys will touch on this in the weekly Level 1 Tech show @wendell? : S


Okay this is going to be unpopular, and it comes with the usual I don’t care for a game like this but…

We allow these depictions in drawn, painted and digital art, we allow it is movies and music and we allow it in writing.

So the question to me is not should we allow this but why d6ont we? Why is there a different case made for combining the above in games but everyone else allows it in every other form of creative media with no qualms.

If you don’t like it don’t play it.

On the more positive side of things, again I am not interested in this game at all, I do welcome games being opened to more adult themes. Frankly it has taken far too long and been demonized pointlessly for far too long which results either in childish things like dead or alive beach volleyball or extreme cases like this to try and get around or push the issue.

But back to the game, the developer is making reasonable points with allowing murder and torture but sex in all forms being off limits. They are definitely pushing the limits but it needs to be done, I am not going to say they should have gone another way about it as sooner or later someone would do this, and indeed have it was just underground.

As long as all the relevant checks are in place, ratings observed and details of content made clear I don’t see the big problem.


I agree. As the developer himself statet, we allow murder and all other forms of violence in Games (even to a gloriphication of those). Bringing this subject a bit more to the front might actually help finally getting people to talk about it.
I’m not interested in the actual gameplay, but don’t either see, why this should be banned per se. It all depends on how the subject is addressed.


I dont apporove others setting limiters on your weirdness

I dont care what you play, and I find it just funny when guys secretly play some of these loli anime games because I’m pretty sure there is some sort of sexual attraction involved, but its hard to get direct answers, and so because of that I really dont understand that whats going on, like at all


how long until outrage professional Sterling makes a 13 minute video about this


You should be the one who chooses if you want me to like you or not, not someone else out there

Thats the best way I can put it :man_shrugging:t2:


If the game casts rape in a positive light then the game can go fuck right off.

If it shows that rape is a horrendous act with often horrible repercussions for the victim then I am fine with it. Rape is very much a real thing, and sometimes real topics need to be put into the spotlight.


Yes, and murder and war are real things too. Equally horrible. Yet we are totally fine with having Tons of Games depicting those things as great.


The developer notes that the game give you the option to do evil. It does not sound like it is glorifying it, but the name does not help.

It is more the setting that this is the apocalypse, its not going to be a friendly place.


TBH this seems like one of those we’re all victims outrage articles. trying to cash in, and create victims from the fact steam are just saying, we wont jump on the ban everything “you” don’t like bandwagon.
" Technically, Rape Day does not appear to violate Steam’s current content rules" pretty much sums it all up, if the developer did nothing wrong, steam is also in the clear.

And the final paragrah of the article really just rubs me the wrong way, and screams the article has a political agenda.
" In the last year, Steam has been criticized for its hands-off approach to game curation. While it was seen as a boon that the platform allows for games with sexual content, the fact you have to log in, opt in, and look for the games in question means that games with LGBT themes are treated the same as games like Rape Day by the platform."

Personally i like steams im just a middleman approach, if the game changed it’s title, this would have all gone under the radar.


Won’t somebody think of the children…

…who will not be old enough to legally buy and play this game but will get their hands on it anyway.

If parents actually followed age ratings out rage about any video game would probably be non existent. I bet most parents wouldn’t let a 10 year old watch GoT but many will let their kids play GTA, Doom which depict crime and gore etc. That is why there will be outrage.

On a serious note I am not sure what they hope to achieve in making this game. I suppose outrage will help sales?

On a personal note, I am always nice in games, the demons in doom are people too and I have picnics in ArmA3…


So much this! The amount of underaged people i “meet” when playing games like Overwatch or Apex, when they are clearly from 16 or 18 respectively is unreal. I’m not one to criticise this per se. I also played the first Resident Evil before i was really allowed to. But Parents allowing this and in the same sentence complaining about those games is just wrong.

I’m also not sure why a game like Fortnite, where you are clearly killing people with guns is from age 12, just because of its cartoony graphics?


Fictional Violence is not representative of real life, yes its the cartoony graphics.


Who’s first to do a let’s play?


I’ll just put down my thoughts on this.

As many have said we allow war mongering, murder, violence, and even prostitution in other games. There was an entire TV show dedicated to suicide. Why is this such a taboo topic? Because it involves sex? We have an entire industry built around sex. I think this game should be allowed to launch. Because the market will decide its fate. Will I play it? I don’t know.

As also stated the age ratings are massively important. I don’t let my kids (8,6,2) play GTA. But they enjoy the entire LEGO series. Just like th momo challenege that’s as spread primarily through Facebook Messenger. Kids shouldn’t be on there until you have taught them the importance of being incredibly diligent online. And even then monitor monitor monitor!

Sadly even if this game launches it’ll have fifty different lawsuits filed before the end of day one




If he was around I bet TotalBiscuit would just to probably a point


As @Zibob has already stated, gaming is first and foremost: art.
It is meant to be a form of entertainment (not necessarily positive mind you). The game in question tells a story, one that is often overlooked and really should be told even though it is a painful one. Why should games be subjected to different rules to other art forms?

And as with any form of art, if you don’t like it, then don’t buy it.


Its also polygon, which uses the word rape more times on a page than and and the.

As forxthe topic, oh no, rape. Look games like this have existed since the 70’s, with the last big one being called rapelay. Now if THAT was the game pushed I’d be fucking worried because I know that gets insane. So I’ll have to see what ticket they are trying to push and will have to watch neogaf to see what jim sterling does with this.

Personally I’m just bored of games. The newest games that interest me are apex because I’ve never played a BR before (I’m absolutely serious), Quake Champs, and planet coaster.

My gaming habits are fuckin 2003, so when I see the new big hit game taking ower the planet I just think

“uh huh. Can’t beat a 2 hour 1v1 duel on bloodrun where neither of us have gotten a kill.”


Looks a lot like “straight up trolling” to me in the guise of “muh free speech on your platform” again.

I’ll just ignore it.