Game promo and discount deals

Scam how? I’d be down to try it just for fun

the usual “Limited time offer. Subscription auto-renews for $9.99/month unless canceled.”


To celebrate the launch of System Shock (the remake) GOG is giving away a System Shock Goodie Pack that contains:

  • Pixel Art images
  • High resolution images
  • TriOptimum New Employee Technical Manual
  • Sparq Beam Gun renders
  • System Shock toys concept images
  • Videos

Note; newsletter subscription required as per usual :slight_smile:

Along with that, there is a sale on “Neon dreams” aka dystopian, cyberpunk games (including Deus Ex, System Shock (the original, and the sequel) Mirror’s Edge, Hacknet and more) Sale is slated for 5 days and 15 hours more at the time of writing


EPIC is currently giving away Midnight Ghost Hunt until 8th of June 2023 5 PM (17:00)

There are add-ons, none are free at the time of writing.

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it’s not a scam… “first hit for free” is a very common advert/incitement. in a Lot of subscription services.

Just not a really a good deal though.
technically a freebie that would be charged at $10, but realistically, if you gonna support a server, regular is better? and skins are kinda for kids?

Tell Me Why is free on Steam! Get it while you can! It is in the same style as Life Is Strange, scenic environment, choices to make, but all in all a linear game where you experience a story.


Currently GOG is giving away for the next 70 hours at time of writing: Amnesia A Machine For Pigs (newsletter subscription required)