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Game promo and discount deals



Absolutely worth it. It's a solid game that truly goes all out with it's campaign. I brought it on release day and it was worth that price, so this is a great deal!


Valiant Hearts is 75% off for the next 27 hours... Less than 4€ for one of the best games, Ubisoft have released in the last 5 years...


In the next 24 hours :
One finger death punch - 1$


Grabbed One finger death punch.


Actually, I'm noticing that is happening with everyone now. Links fluctuate. EDIT: Now it changed back to valiant hearts.


Witcher 9th Anniversary sale (up to 85% off) on GOG and Steam

The Witcher Anniversary Sale will last until Monday, October 24th, 4:59 PM UTC.


SuoerHOT is on sale 40%off until the October 28-th...

I would personally not buy it. I would personally not buy GTA5 for 40% off until October 28-th as well, but a few million players disagree with me.


I don't think a 3 year old game, despite being the most profitable one, should still be retailing for $60 as the base price.

Chroma squad for 1$ and Assault Android Cactus for 4$ in the next two weeks (until November 7th) in the humble gems bundle...
Big fan of the humble guys... Huge. Like 80-85 kilograms...


Oh thanks for the heads up. Probably going to buy the $4 bundle. Games look interesting.


Chroma squad is basically poor man's Power Rangers the game. It's a bunch of guys and girls, making a Power Rangers knockoff show, starting from cardboard costumes and buckets instead of helmets, and going up tull the professional TV show.

As for Cactus - 3D arena bullet hell shooter...



Shush you... Don't spoil it... Bad paperbag... :D


What? I have no idea what you're talking about :)


In the next 4 days (until october 31-st) you can get:
Cities Skylines 75% off (6,99€)
Warlock 2: the exiled 75% off for 4,99€
And the original Warlock: Master of the Arcane 75% off for 5,99€
And tons of other paradox games...


On top of that, Humble store have a nice Halloween sale in the next 5 days (until November 1St) of a lot of horror titles...


It's the M$ store


Guild of Dungeoneering is now 66% off (5.09Euro) until November 1-st.


So many game discounts, so little cash...


OK, long post ahead...

Hand Of Fate - 66% off (7,81€) until November 1st...

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - 66% off (6,79€) until November 1st...

Torchlight and Torchlight 2 - both 66% off until November 1st. Torchlight is 5,09€, while 2 is 6,45€...

DMC Devil May Cry - 75% off, ending November 1st (7,49€)

Mark of the Ninja - 75% off, (3,74€) until November 1st...


I usually would type it all out here and add photos but I think these links to posts I made elsewhere will suffice.


In the next 48 hours (until November 2nd):
Super Meat Boy for 90% off (1,39€)