Fx 8350 and voltage issues

ok right now my cpu is running on stock clock with stock cooler 

but my  bios is set to change voltages auto matically which makes my cpu hot as fuk in a sec !it jumps from 0.90 V

to 1.25 v my tempratures goes from 40 C to 85 C


so i was thinking to go to bios and set my V to manual 0.90 v

so should i do it ?

is it dangerous ? 

I think you should default your bios and fix your cooling system. Try resetting for cooler and consider buying a aftermarket cpu cooler if the temps dont come down. Also it may be about the case airflow. 8350 runs hot so putting it in a mid tower with poor airflow is not a good idea.


You probably applied thermal paste wrong. Those temperatures are unreal even for stock cooler.

Anyway, I recommend getting a CM Hyper 212 EVO

wow, I really hope its a voltage or thermal paste issue, Because I didn't know the stock cooler sucked that bad. (I really dont, i never used the stock cooler.)

I do think the voltages are quite normal tho. Maybe a little bit high but not so much. It could indicate your power phases arent that good and sturdy, and it has to overdo it a bit - maybe for the vdrop. (what mobo you have anyway?)

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811133094 something along this line design wise or a cheap ultra m925

yup, what he said

DA 970A DS3 rev 1,1

I have an FX 8350 the 4.0 GHz one. And my voltages range from 0.936v to 1.368v.
So my guess is that the high temps are from the use of the stock cooler. I never even used the thing, as i knew the chip ran hot and bought aftermarket cooler.

As for lowering the voltage. It's not dangerous, but it may make the system unstable.

4+1 power phase with a FX-8350? Uh-uh dude, you need to go get yourself a better motherboard that has at least a 6+2 power phase and an 8-pin CPU power socket. As far as the stock cooler is concerned toss it for either a Xigmatek Dark Knight II, a Cooler Master 212 Evo, or a Corsair H80i.

yeah that board is realy not made for that cpu ☺ but  still. it works.. he only has to disable cool n quiet, and set the mobo and cpu voltage to manual mode (at ai tweaker). those voltage drops is caused by cool n quiet. you can disable that in CPU configuration.

Ya, i thought my biostar Ta 970 was a little scary. Just dont overclock mobo :)


Well I got this 4+1 gigabyte D3 with a 8350. Its running at 1.475 volt (max spike).

Its Dangerous when you run it at 4,66ghz like I do. (had to add custom VRM heatsinks tho)

It is not really dangerous when you dont OC. It really isnt. Mine has been running for a year now. No stuff blewed up. Ppl are being paranoid since they franticly went phasecounting. Its partly true, but you're not creating bombs with a 4+1 Phase design.


Besides, high CPU temperatures have nothing to do with that. unless your Mosfets are almost directly at the CPU/cpu temp sensor. I mean if it did, Tell that to my 8350 that runs at 4,66ghz and has like 40°. (I used a h80i).

those voltage drops is caused by cool n quiet

No, actually they are caused by load-line calibration being set to disabled.

is 212 evo good enough i was thinking of getting a h60 

cause i watched a vedio on youtube about evo and the guy said its not good for processors higher than i5 or any amd one 

ok thank u guys so does that means i do not need to change my motherboard as long as i am not overclocking ? 

and my pc tempratures has nothing to do with my motherboard ?

Xigmatek Dark Knight II well its not available in my country please suggest any other cooler which u think can cool my pc from flipkart.com

and what is this about phase in motherboard and stuff ?

sorry i am a noob at this

wel paste came pre applied on stock cooler so i do not think i did something wrong !

i have 4 fans in the case so i dont think air flow is a problem

yeah dont overclock, but i can realy recommend to go saving some money and buy a decent 990FX chipset board later on realy.  did you disabled cool and quiet? then the voltage drops will probably gone, and it will stay arround 1.368V. also set the cpu/mobo voltage regulation, fromm offset to manual mode, and leave everything on auto.

cool and quiet, is a mode that used by amd to save power, if the cpu is not on load, it clocks back the voltage, and the clock speed. to 1.4 GHZ or something like that.just to save some power. if you gonna  put the cpu on load, you will see the voltage get up to 1.368V and 4.1 GHZ. its normal, but i would recommend to disable it.

if the mobo is getting hot , then replace it quickly, for one with a decend powerphase and digi vrm´s. if you don´t care about crossfire or sli, then i could recommend to look at the Asus M5A99X evo R2.0 6+2 powerphase digi vrm, for a nice price.

grtz Angel ☺

well the cool and quite is already off and everything is on auto in the bios 

anyways if i get a new mobo do u thing i can overclock with this psu it is  cooler master Thunder 500W  ?

and how its a phase 1 motherboard a bomb and how do u figure out how many phases u need for a

particular processor ? 

and also how do u figure out is ur motherboard a regular one or a high end one when calculating in psu calculator ?