Fx 8350 and voltage issues

High end motherboards typically have between 8+2 power phase and 12+2 power phase, although 6+2 power phases using digital voltage regulators instead of mosfets are considered high end as well.

Typically modern 95w 4 core processors can get away with a 4+1 power phase if you aren't overclocking at all. Overclocking with a 4 core processor requires at least a 6+2 power phase for decent stability. 6-core processors will overclock with 6+2 but you won't be able to get very high overclocks out of a 6+2 traditional power phase typically. Now here is the kicker, the M5A99FX Pro R2.0 has 6+2 power phase but it's digital voltage regulation. They aren't using old school mosfets which allows an 8 core 125w CPU to be overclocked pretty decently on one.

Mostly if you want to overclock, stick with a motherboard that has digital voltage regulation first and foremost before considering how many power phases are on the board itself. What used to take a 12+2 traditional mosfet design to overclock a 6 or 8 core CPU pretty high, now only takes 8+2 digital power phase with far less current loss in the form of heat.

ok thanks buddy but u still did not answer will my psu work if i need to overclock ?

and is an h60 ok ? 

or hyper evo 212 

 cause i did not knew hyper evo 212 is good enough !

and can i use this mobo until im not overclocking ? please say yes 

and are you on facebook ?

and also how do u figure out is ur motherboard a regular one or a high end one when calculating in psu calculator ?

 and also can u tell me how singel rail psu are better then dual rail ?


Wrong, load-line is designed to prevent voltage drop under load.

also how do u know how much phases are in a motherboard cause i been looking at motherboard

and the dont say how much phases are in

it http://www.flipkart.com/asrock-990fx-extreme4-motherboard/p/itmd9urzurw4p7ux?pid=MBDD9UR4KBGC5FGZ&otracker=from-search&srno=t_1&q=990+fx&ref=c3c9c0c6-208d-40b7-9f6c-9965b7f303fa

http://www.extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp This is perhaps the best free power supply calculator availible it's reasonably accurate if you plan on just overclocking your CPU. If you want to overclock your GPU as well you need to plan ahead with a bigger PSU as most of the higher teir graphics cards can use between 300w and 350w overclocked.

By far I would recommend a single 12v rail than a multiple one due to the amperage being spread out too much across multiple rails which can cause system instability. As well as, overclocking using multi-railed PSUs have a higher chance of a large voltage drop when being loaded down with power demand from component overheating within the PSU itself.

Hyper Evo 212 is plenty for getting between a 4.4GHz and 4.6GHz overclock with an FX-8350, whoever said otherwise is either missinformed or trying to push you to buy something you don't need.

As I said in the previous post, if you have traditional mosfet VRMs In 4+1 or 6+2, this is considered low end board, Traditional mosfet VRMs in 8+2, 10+2, or 12+2 are considered high end and any digital VRM arrangement higher than 6+2 is considered high end.

If you want a very good PSU for very little price that will run an overclocked FX-8350 and an overclocked HD 7870 with utter ease and perfect stability go get this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817159126

I've had that PSU for about 2 months now and its a rock solid 700w PSU regardless of it being simply inexcuseably cheap in price, 80 plus certified, and has a single 12v rail. Never mind the SLI crossfire non-sense on it, that is just marketing for SLI and crossfire of 2 low range single 6 pin PCI-e powered cards.

As for your motherboard I seriously would get rid of it in favor of a digital 990FX chipset 6+2 power phase motherboard, they arent that expensive right now. You are playing a gambling game with that 4+1 motherboard with an FX-8350, sooner or later those 4+1 powerphases you have are going to get too hot and fail.

The Asrock website says that specific motherboard is 8+2 powerphase, usually the manufacturer website or a quick look on your favorite search engine usually brings up how many power phases a specific motherboard has.

still are u on facebook  >? and how do u know if a motherboard has a mofset or digital voltage

I don't hand out my facebook information, sorry. I don't think the ASRock motherboard has digital VRM otherwise it would be listed. I would really recommend either the Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 for 10 dollars more, or the Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0 for the same price as the ASRock 990FX extreme4. Both have verifiable digital VRM components with a 6+2 power phase design.


mobo list i personaly recommend.

  1. Asus crosshair formula V R2.0   8+2 powerphase digi vrm.
  2. Asus Sabertooth 990FX GEN 3. 8+2 powerphase digi vrm.
  3. Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0    8+2 powerphase digi vrm
  4. Asrock 990FX Extreme 9         12+2 powerphase digi vrm gold plated sollid capacitors
  5. Asus M5A99Fx pro R2.0           6+2 powerphase digi vrm.

this is a list of boards i personaly recommend for a  FX8350.

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