FX-8320 vs i5-4670k

The 8320 is on sale for $130 while the 4670k is on sale for $200. I plan on using an EVGA Geforce GTX 760 Superclocked. I've been really leaning towards the 8320 until recently when I came across the 4670k which was on sale as well. I am planning on overclocking the cpu either way. What comes down to is whether or not the 4670k warrants the $70 price difference and will the performance be noticeably different.  

I love my 4670k but that is a great deal on the 8320.

The i5 is definitely the better chip, but for just gaming, I don't think that it warrants the extra money. On top of that, AM3+ motherboards are usually cheaper than the 1150 alternatives, so there is more savings there as well. You WILL get better features on 1150 mobos though, so that is something to consider.

Sorry forgot to mention this in the OP but I was looking to start streaming if at all possible, so I'm not sure how much that would effect the choice.

Depends on what you want to do with your system. Some games/applications benefit from more cores whereas other games/applications benefit from faster cores. Also, the 4670k is going to be more power efficient and put off less heat than the 8320. I have a 4670k and it powers through pretty much any game, however the 8320 is cheaper and will beat the 4670k in games optimized to use 6-8 cores.

Intel it is.

Streaming software like OBS is now supporting quick sync.


No doubt about dat.

I like the 8320 better, especially for that price :)

I think i remember hearing that AMD 8 cores are better at streaming than intel equivalents.  Might want to look at that.

There where some doubts, but Intels have quick sync, which is supported by more and more streaming software.


Try to YouTube: obs quick sync


I think the tek should include this topic in one of their videos.

I have used OBS quick sync to livestream and it works pretty good. The picture quality is a tiny bit worse but the CPU usage is waaay down.

If you want to stream then 4670k hands down.

If anything I was going to look at giving Shadowplay a try for streaming but then again I don't how it really stands up compared to OBS. 

OBS has alot better customization, you can add features to it, set up scenes, and more. Shadowplay is pretty good, and is getting better, but does not work with every game and will take about 10% of your graphics card power. I have used both. I find that OBS is alot better when you have a GPU based game, while shadowplay works better in games that are CPU intensive. Once you learn how to use OBS it is really nice.

streaming with xplit FX8320 all the way ☺

People still use Xsplit?

How do both cpu's do with overclocking? How hard would it be to air cool them?

I would wait for the Haswell refresh. But it really comes down to what features you want with your hardware.

When would that is that going to be?

AMD FX8320 is better in streaming overall then an i5. ☺

And please dont botter me with Tech Yes bullshit ☺

The i5 gets overall better performance in games,I have the 8320 OC to 4.5 and 99% of the games use only 4 cores or less. It's nice having extra cores for tasks,but most of the games I play are CPU intensive games and use max 4 cores,and I see how Intel shines there. But still 70$ price difference doesn't justify the performance,It's not THAT big of a difference,let's say 10-15% in Intel's favor stock - stock.