Fun Project Idea: Personal Disney Saturday 1 / Cartoon Network / Nickelodian in-house broadcast station

Right, so, when I was a kid I didn’t have much. I had a gameboy, drawing, 1 friend… So like all 90’s born neophytes and early 2000’s twits I was in front of a TV. Saturday was like christmas for me. We didn’t have cable, just broadcast TV. So what I saw as a kid was a lot of WB cartoons, and the few times I was at my grandmothers house and got to watch cartoon network, nick, and disney channel when it wasn’t shit. So now, obviously, you can’t just flick on nick and watch Hey arnold. You have shitty flash cartoon meme based spongebob and icarly turned up to 11 (but icarly was actually pretty gud). So what have I been dreaming of for… 7 years now?

My own cartoon saturday one at night.

I don’t know how I would do this, but once I have all of my shows I want a playstream open somewhere or just broadcasting, maybe icecast?, that I can just flick on my TV and BAM its in the middle of an episode of rocket power, does a random adult swim bump or 90’s kids toy advertisement, and then plays cow and chicken, with randomized marathons of whatever and a lower thirds pre-announcer. Like legit in-house TV broadcast station.

This has literally been my wet dream for years. I originally saw Mythbuntu as an option for that, but I haven’t found a good way to do it. So, with that, if anyone, ANYONE, has an idea for me, I will be ecstatic. If I can craft this for myself and post what I did and how I will never ever need TV ever again and I will be so damn happy.

My only requirement is that I want it to be authentic. I want it to be like actual TV from when I was a kid. When TV shows have black spots where an advertisement would be I want it to actually pause and choose a random advertisement, or maybe like a random YTP or fake advert from the internet. But that I could set up all of my folders with my shows, an ADVERT folder that it uses a random number generator to choose the range of 1 to whatever the max file number is and chooses in there, even the random chance that it plays the same advert twice like how it actually happened.

Is this weird? Yeah! Is it an awesome idea? Yes! Do I want it so badly that I might actually buy TV station gear to do it? Does Rolf butter toast?

Any ideas. Lay them on me. This is NOT AT ALL an immediate thing, but to just plop a laptop behind my TV stand or something to be my TV station… Fuck yes please!!!


Here you go this link it more complied than the old BBC link I found when doing inital research for a side project I was working on…

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No. No he does not. Ed does.

Whatever drugs cause you to actively want to watch commercials are some really REALLY bad stuff.

Is it really that difficult to have to click on a video to watch a show? You would really prefer to watch commercials and a blend of shows with excessive repeats and things you don’t care for? I mean I guess you could get a collection of shows and commercials and put it on shuffle, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t order itself exactly like TV. Maybe spend one whole day making a massive playlist and then watch it for the next year?

Is it possible that the TV didn’t change as much as you did, and attempting to replicate your past isn’t going to feel exactly the same, no matter how hard you try?

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Well Wet Banana isn’t a commercial anymore but I still find that shit hilarious. Everyone here is so grumpy 3: have some fun with something.

If you can’t find software already purpose built for what you’re doing, maybe script VLC to play an episode, then an ad, and repeat the loop pulling random episodes each time. I know you can stream locally from vlc pretty easy, so I imagine it’d be a fun and fairly easy project to try.

Again, that’s if you can’t find something prebuilt that’s better.

maybe DLNA could help, idk. I think you’d still have to script that to play continuously, so perhaps it’s a waste to go that route.

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Yeah I was thinking about that while doing chores today. I don’t know how a script would be pushed to it though so I’ll have to do some research.

I mean I could just make a thing myself. I don’t think it would be THAT hard. Pipe it through MPV and stuff like that. IDK, I just think it would be really cool :3c

OP is obviously looking for what he remembers as the authentic TV viewing experience. He wants his own personal nostalgia channel.

@FaunCB, it sounds like you need some professional TV station programming software, and personally, I like your idea…the ads though, not sure I like that part so much. Sometimes you don’t want to have to decide what you want to watch. You just want the RNG to decide your fate. If there is a member in the TV business, now is their time to chime in. I know they have this kind of software for radio broadcasts, so it must exist for television too.

Quite a few results to sift through.

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Well I won’t RNG the amount of ads and have a skip function obviously, but how do you not remember ads like wet banana and moonshoes?

And moonshoes were so bouncy I was waiting for the kid to bounce onto the roof. It was great.

I don’t know, I understand the nostalgic value of ads, but unless it was done exceptionally well…I just don’t care. But hey, it’s your channel.

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Similar to what you want. Used to do only toonami, but now does other cartoonnetwork shows (with commercials).

Lets you choose what year you want to watch, then channels based on type of content (including commercials). Fairly certain it just streams from youtube, though. But having it all consolidated is great.

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I legit saw this. Someone I know has a home server with terabytes of shows on it and he has some set up that matches them up and turns them into channels with a legit planner and timing system. He even had downloaded ads and it would play them at appropriate times.

I will try to find out what it was, it sounds like exactly what you want. Though he was running windows I think, though he had also set up a Linux system to boot right into a game select list and it would then auto load the correct emulator and game seamlessly, so could be either.


Put me inwcontact with him plsplsplspls

Asked and received.

That was the thing.



Holy shit my life is complete.


I apologise in advance for any over selling I may have done on the features, I hope it works out okay for your needs.

It was a few years ago when I saw it and got a brief description/demo of the workings over a twitch stream.

So wait, this is a frontend for hosting your media server? Cause the site implies (probably just for legal reasons) that you need to have a subscription to a streaming service.

You can attach services to it.
I think I’m going to dig some more… This would be very cool though. It would actually work. You can connect YT channels or stream another box to it.

Well my search yielded quite a few options. Whether they’re any good or not is another subject, but the good news is, it can be done.

This is definitely something to keep in mind for the future. Would be great for controlling the kinds of media your children consume.

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If you look at the link right below your original post it should have everything you need.

It looks to tie in with Kodi.

But the one I saw was all from local media, I saw the part about service tie ins but that is new to me.