Friendly Emacs Thread

This thread is for LeveOneTech members who use Emacs.

There’s no cut and dry discussion topic, but rather a place for users to come together to discuss Emacs.

I’ll start by checking in:

Time using Emacs: 1 month
Use: org-mode, evil-mode


Long-time emacs user. Current preference is Spacemacs in holy tower mode.

I have been using cmake-ide ( for almost three years now. It is great for c++. It primarily uses rtags, cmake and clang’s code-completion framework for symbol navigation and intellisense.





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I am interested in this, because I’m a fan of Lisp. However, whenever I start down the Emacs road, I end up giving up because their controls seem overly complicated. And yes, I do swap Caps Lock with Control :wink:

The closest I have come is with Spacemacs, but they have a friendly document “for Vim users” to get used to the editor.

Also, I prioritized mastering Vim because it’s native on every system. I know this generally yields a “you do you” response, but I would be willing to use Emacs if it were more accessible.

Go with the best of both worlds; evil mode is basically a better vim than vim:

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You know you’re not exactly user friendly when many users turn to VI as an easier to use alternative…

That said, for me i don’t use any of the enhanced vim features either…

Maybe i should spend december trying to learn emacs…

the other reason i’m a vi user is that when i first started using Linux it was on a 486dx33 with 4 MB (and later 16 MB) of RAM, and EMACS was a beast that needed 8 MB just for itself. Never mind anything else i was running. Like X11, which also needed about 8 MB.

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I’m running through this right now.

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Link > Fun with Emacs

Lmfao at Visual Studio and vi learning curves :joy:

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:joy: OMG the picture of the Elephant and the Blender mug.

I’m dying.

I looked through that whole site trying to find an elephant

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I really like emacs. I don’t use it enough though :frowning:

You know what’s weird. Emacs is installed by default on OS X but not on Linux. What’s up with that?

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Used it once in early 90’s on Slackware
Heard about it after reading this

" exploiting a vulnerability in the movemail function of the original GNU Emacs."

Hope they fixed it :slight_smile:

Of all the text editors available on Linux, emacs has the best dildo support.

Seriously (Link is to Github, but the subject matter might not be safe for your workplace.)

lol, how important was a dildo interface in your choice of text editors and what did you find insufficient about vim’s support?

how important was a dildo interface in your choice of text editors

I can honestly say that dildo control features are more important to me in a text editor than Lisp support. :slight_smile:

MacOS uses EMACSish keybindings throughout the OS, so that’s not entirely surprising.

My suspicion is that like any other UNIX user community, the macOS kernel developer team is probably split 50/50 ish between VI and EMACS users.

Maybe because GNU stole a lot of software from BSD which had the interface for Emacs originally? :thinking:

Would have to ask the GNU/Linux guys from the 80s to know for sure.

As an aside, the AMIGA shipped with a variant of EMACS (memacs - micro emacs) back in the 1980s - at least with workbench 1.3 and possibly other versions.

I found it confusing back then, too (I’m one of those ex amiga die-hards), and used “ed” which was kinda like a crude version of vi. :smiley:

MicroEMACS may actually be a less confusing/complicated version of EMACS to get started with, come to think of it.

Linus Torvalds apparently uses a variant of it :smiley:

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