Free mouse pad

Does anyone know where I can get a free mouse pad. I would buy one but I think its kind of silly to pay for a mouse pad. I don't know ive never bought one im my life and I dont want to change that :) So does anyone know a real website or something where I can get a free one, Or does anyone have one that they have absolutely no use for? Thanks people

What? Just use a piece of paper if you're too cheap to buy a real mouse pad. A nice one seriously does improve your mouse-using pleasure, personally; I can't use a mouse without a mouse pad, or I'd go crazy.

haha ive just been using the top of my wood desk with my trackball mouse and it works ok. Are there any decent mouse pads that you would recommend for under 5 bucks?

Under $5? Anything.

Are there any legit websites that have free mouse pads available?

Here you can order a custom mousepad once for $1. Although it's relatively small and quality is inferior to gaming mousepads like Steelseries QcK. I think that some $10-12 for a quality mousepad is nothing compared to value they provide, also considering that I had to pay 17 euros for my QcK mass because I live in Europe.

No, no there are not.

Just save up. Simple as that.

How do I get the $1 promotion? And is that mose pad from that website?

Func is where it's at.

I don't think money's the issue here.

Go to a local pub and "borrow" one of the bar mats. Currently using an Eristoff vodka one and its about 8" x 24". Nice and large and surprisingly very good quality.

Nothing in this world come free, my mother always said.  A mousepad helps the longevity of your mouse.  I bought one for 3 bucks off ebay, and it works.

Or you could ask nicely.... like I did...

Sounds like a very good plan my man haha I think I will try this :3

walmart has a $2 mouse pad.

I found this Anyone ever try this haha. I really could care less whats on the mouse pad just as long as it does what its supposed to do

How do I get the $1 promotion?

Use ONEDOLLARSHIPPING code during checkout.

And is that mose pad from that website?

Yes. I recommend using an image with a lot of colors. Minimalistic images, especially white on black will look lame around the edges.


One my friend got:

I didn't know people still use trackball mice. I am actually a bit amazed by this.

If you really want a mouse pad for free ask people you know if they got something laying around they don't use anymore. Maybe even go dumpster diving at the local computer store. Or build one yourself. 

Perfect price point :) I will have to go to walmart and look at the wide selection of mice pads haha