Free Dota 2 keys

I have 7 left, so get typing in those Steam account names below, and i shall gift them to you.


Added you.


I have tried to add you Charlie, but it does not come up under Steam.

oh, i havnt made a cash purchase yet so my account isnt fully official, thanks anyway


No probs mate.


Your name returns no results too.....

Are you from New Zealand anon?


I typed it in this time with a space instead of that underscore

Yea NZ :)

Ok, sent invite.

2 gone.


5 left.

zekelowther1998 - ill take as many as you will give


Profile name: ch1n0ul33

Gamerkiin (infamous picture)


Add me I'm themanontheleft or try TheSmoothCriminal

My profile is a picture of Fallout:New Vegas

OMG, more replies, so sorry for not being faster, i need to sleep soon, but will add you the next time i visit guys, hold in there :)