Free Dota 2 keys

kanerulz371 is my steam name, it will come up as VaginaMite

My steam profile is chuybakka

Ok, added all folks, my Profile is Sid Snot A Punk, just chat to me, and i will sent keys ASAP.


I have not added Cinnamonrolls due to the way he asked.


derekfootball1 if you still have a key! thanks =)


swimchamp95 if you still have keys! thanks mate

Added you both :)

conorwkennedy if you still have keys thanks


Tried to add you, failed to find any profile with that name mate :/

SOMNIOX all caps


Try BeanTS, also i'm in the united states if that makes a difference?

I added you if thats alright

Yes, game was sent  :)

If theres and more im optimisticsourpatchwatermelon (sorry for the long username)