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I've been perusing these forums for an hour or so...


The amount of people suggesting cheap mobo's with AMD's bulldozer lineup is mind boggling. STOP suggesting crappy mother boards with these chips. These things NEED stout power phase delivery as well as solid VRM's. I have a strong feeling a chunk of you are just simply repeating "what you've heard". 


After killing a few mother boards with my 8320, I've learned a few things about these newer AMD chips. DONT SKIMP ON THE MOTHERBOARD is number 1. And they are also extremely sensitive to RAM types and timings. 


PLEASE stop suggesting things you arent 100% sure on! You're costing people money! 

Cheap motherboards are only a problem when overclocking or going beyond specs in some other way. Just make sure the motherboard has official support for the CPU you put on there. Other than that motherboards do fail a little bit more oftenly anyway because they're the most complex part in the system.

RAM compatibility is not a problem at all. Just stick to standard inexpensive RAM that follows the industry standard and you just won't have a problem.


@mkk: This may be the case for the majority - especially when they aren't pushing the hardware very much or for longer periods of time, but there have been a lot of situations where the motherboards couldn't even handle running the 83XX at stock clocks. These are typically lower end 970 chip set boards and below with inadequate power phase design. Just because the socket/parts are compatible/supported doesn't mean it's ideal. You could technically install an R9-295X2 on an AM1 motherboard but it would be severely gimped by the x4 PCIe slot. An extreme analogy, but you get the idea. 

If you know what to look for you can get boards with the proper power delivery without having to spend a huge pile of money (~$110 or so). It's not about buying an expensive or cheap board - it's about buying a board with the right components. 

Dude what is your problem? you joined this communtiy a day ago, and the only posts i saw from you till now, contained some sort of negativity!

I know allot about motherboards, AM3+ in particular but intel aswell, and if i see anywhere that somebody is recommending a crappy board, i will definitely jump into that. don´t worry about that. You got a good point offcourse but there is no need to make such an negative topic about it, in my opinnion.

Most members uphere, are well knowledged users, and know what they are talk about.

Offcourse there are allways users, who have less knowledge, but you have to respect that aswell, and correct them in a normal way. This community is based on maturity, share knowledge and learn from eachother.

You got an Asrock 990FX killer right? This is offcourse a nice board for its money, with alot of feutures towards gamers, but its not a great overclocking board either, cause this board has overheating issues aswell, wenn overclocking, no LLC option in the bios to correct the voltage throttle. So it seems that you still not got it all right.

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I've read a few of this guy's other posts. My theory is he joined due to the giveaway contests going on and is just another troll. If he is a troll, he'll get weeded out one way or another in time. 

So. Yeah.

Btw, my fx-8320 is running 24/7 stable at 4.7 on my asrock extreme3. (In fact I should probably shut it down and clean it out, it's been running for a couple months :/ ) No coil whine either. During the winter I'll bump it up to 4.8-4.9. I didn't need to spend an insane amount of money on a top-tier board. I'm not saying there aren't crappy am3+ boards, there are, and there are also crappy intel bords out there, but that's why you read before you buy.

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Asus Crosshair V formula Z running a 8350 at 5.05 ghz on water cooling.

It's ok. I graced the thread with my existence. Now the thread is wonderful.

Dude wat, no one on this forum does that. Reddit's pc master race suggested a 8320 with a board that only had a 4+2 power phase if thats what you mean but thats not here.  Here I personally have asked abotu the 83x0 and motherboard and was always told to get something with at least a 6+2 power phase, ended up with an 8+2 but thats because better board for price. Now I don't know how the 970 chipsets overclock, or if the power phase or chipset is more important, but the 970 chipset can handle the 83x0 cpus just fine with a good power phase and this site always says that and doesn't say to get crappy boards for any cpu. 

I've seen many threads with AM3+ recommendations and done a few recommendations.. Usually the lowest rated motherboard is the Asus M5A97 R2.0 with it's 6+2 phase design. If a person asks about a lower board, in most cases they get a recommendation of this or better. It's usually the board of choice for an FX-6300 or lower. 
So if people are recommending cheaper quality boards, I've been missing those. If this is considered a cheap board, then I really missed something. I used the board paired with an FX-6300 as my gaming setup for about a year, after I switched to a Z87 the asus board is now in my storage server. It's a good board that's not expensive.

M5A97 R2.0 EVO*

The non-EVO version is 4+2

I will recommend a cheap mb but that means the builder has to give up oc'ing.(at least the cpu) I usually do it when ability is more important than overclocking. Everything has it place. I have built alot of 6 core biostar 970s with no issues. I still have two myself.

My personal list of dear god hell no AM3+ motherboards are:

*anything msi (except maybe the new one that caused that one guy to flip shit in a different topic),

*the LE Asus M5A97,

*any gigabyte but the newest ud3 ud5 or ud7 (although they're still not my first choice ever),

*everything with biostar on it,


*lower end 970 asrock stuff

       Those are the boards I find to not have sufficient vrms or just total shit build quality. If your going to go AM3+, I think the minimum board is the Asus M5A97 2.0, then the step up would be to the Asus 990fx pro or 990x evo, the higher end but not absolute top would be the Asus sabertooth or Asrock 990fx extreme 9. And the absolute top end would be the Asus 990fx Crosshair V Formula.         


ermmm right board wrong phases.. 4+2*

Just looking out for you, man. We can't look stupid in front of Bob123

I can confirm that the rev 1.0 UD5 is a god awful board if you plan on any overclocking.