Folky folk metal

So there is a spectrum of folk metal, and I’m looking for tracks that are more “traditional folk songs with metal elements” end of the spectrum, rather than folk-inspired metal. I made a mini playlist as an example:

Otyg (Scandinavian folk)

Dalriada (Hungarian Folk)

Grai (Pagan/Russian folk)

Metsatöll (Estonian Folk)

Eluveitie (Celtic Folk - specifically from their folk albums)

Do you guys know of other folk music that is traditional folk than metal?


Hey, you can check this thread

and may find something that suits your needs.

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I’m looking for specific/niche recommendations.

I did check out that thread before I posted, but just looking at the OP in that thread, none of those songs were what I was looking for. I’m sure Korpiklaani has a few albums with material I’m looking for, but most of that thread isn’t applicable. I mean there was King of Asgard in there, and that’s the antitheses of what I’m looking for, as they are a straight melodic death metal band with the only “folk” element is their lyricism in Norse mythology. After getting a third through, I only found Heidevolk (which I was already aware of), and the next closest thing Warduna which is a straight traditional folk band, and while that is closer to what I’m looking, it still misses the mark being devoid of any metal influence.

I figured there is enough stuff to sift through (i.e. not relevant) to warrant a new thread.

Its hard to think of anything that fits the bill because I dont know where you really draw the line but maybe something here will strike your fancy.

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Basically, I’m thinking of folk-metal as a subgenre of folk opposed to metal. As long as it’s a traditional folk song first, it will fit what I’m looking for. Everything you posted really fit. I was hesitant about listing Arkona just because they tend go comfortably on metal, but these are folk songs with traditional instruments, so they fit. I think the Japanese one is kinda questionable - it feels more like a modern song with traditional influences, but the folk instrumentation are focal point, and the intro was really what I was looking for, but kinda fell off when distorted guitars drowned out. Since it was actually new for me, I’ll give it a pass; now if I only figure out which characters are the band name…

thanks so much @Jerm1027 @dobzz @Adubs for the music recommendations, I love folk metal! :sunglasses:

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Depending on album and song, Lumsk fits the bill fairly well:

Some Haggard songs, such as their version of Herr Mannelig:

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Maybe something like these?

I strongly suggest starting this at Dust and Crooked Thoughts, not what Bandcamp wants to play first ↓

Chinese folk metal ↓ Their Xiao Shao album is an acoustic version.

This is pretty much straight up neofolk ↓


surprised nobody has recommended Ale Storm here:

Holding my tongue…

Lumsk does fit the bill fairly well.

I totally mixed up Haggard with Blaggards. :laughing:

It doesn’t fit the bill. Alestorm is a metal band that has a pirate influence, even calling their flavor of “pirate metal” folk is a bit of a stretch, plus their music is more comedic in nature - they’re more of a parody band than they are folk metal. I don’t mean to rag on them - they’re a great band, just not for this niche I’m looking for.

I’m looking for folk metal in which traditional folk music is the root, and not just a mere influence. So, Korpiklaani is a better fit, and keeping with the spirit of drinking, with their song " let’s drink" fits

But a better Korpiklaani song for this thread would be:

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I’m surprised no one recommended Falkenbach.

Much more metal in this one - still awesome:

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There are so many that start moving further and further into metal territory vs folk territory (Folkearth is another one) that drawing a line becomes pretty difficult. Every time I think of a band I go listen to some songs and always wind up thinking that I misremembered the amount of folk vs metal that I don’t recommend them here anyway. :man_shrugging: