First World/Dad Gaming Problems

Hey all,

So I'm in a position where my time to chill out and game is very limited due to working commitments and home/husband/father duties. At the moment I can game for a bit of time after 10:30pm when the kids and the wife are all asleep but I need to be dead quiet since my rig is in my bedroom.

I was thinking about streaming to the lounge via a steam link but wanted to get some options on how you good free folk do it :)



I don't see how these two are going to work. But best of luck!

Yeah it's a bit of a pain, i can't even whisper without my Mrs hearing it so it does rule out playing a lot of games.
I just want to chill after dealing with crazy sysadmins all day!


I understand the pain.

Ear plugs for the Mrs might help. (mine has to use them since I snore like a chainsaw)

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Would it be possible to put the PC in the lounge?

I tried, and failed badly with that one haha

I sold my desktop and bought one of the new 1070 laptops to address this exact same issue.

Get a good pair of headphones and you're set. I just sit on the couch and play my games now. My particular laptop "GT62VR" is whisper quiet even on full load too.

Technically, yes but I really want to avoid it. I spent quite a bit on my current rig so I don't really want to build another.....


Well if you want a quiet game. Hearthstone is my go to laid back and chill game. And it is something that you can go away mid game(with out too much punishment) if something else needs your attention.

With rig you mean physical desktop as well, don't you? Moving the PC alone doesn't make it necessary to buy a new one xD

I can't move it unfortunately as I use it every day for work :(

I would sell it but it's also used for work :(
Great laptop btw

Yeah. It's a bit of an extreme solution but my desktop had a 780 I was looking to upgrade any way so I said screw it and ran with it once the laptops came out with full desktop GPU's.

Hope you find a solution. I'm still trying to figure out this whole gaming as a dad thing too. I usually only get 1-2 hours a night like 3 days a week.

Edit: I did get a steam link and it works great btw. I played some games with it this weekend while the wife/kid were gone and really enjoyed it. Bought one of the new bluetooth xbox one controllers to use with it.

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Not tried Hearthstone so will certainly take a look at that!

Yeah it's difficult isn't it!
I've been thinking about the Steam link for ages, ended up buying one in the steam sale for £15 but its not arrived yet.
I didn't know it can handle bluetooth though so that is a big plus for me since I hate wires with a passion!

Yeah it 100% supports bluetooth, I bought the new Xbox S controller because it does bluetooth. I had originally decided to one an xbox one controller I had and use the wireless USB adapter with it but you had to download a 20 dollar piece of software for that and the controller was on sale for $35 so I went that route instead.

Be warned. It is a collectable card game so micro-transactions are how you get cards in bulk. (you get in game currency but it is slow going that way, possible, but slow)

I'm not too bothered by that, if a game is enjoyable then I don't mind spending a little more on it. Then again I also quite like grinding some games so I would probably do a bit of both if it turns out to be my thing.

if it tickles your fancy message me your username and we can have some matches against one another.

Sounds good, when I get it I will let you know. I'm on Steam as well so you can catch me on there too

Sounds like you need a dedicated room/man cave
Or living room
or something lol