Finding an older video with a guide for which software to use to securely open some of your home network via linode and probably a domain


I remember a video (I think maybe approx 6 months ago) that was a guide for setting up a low cost server on linode to open service on your home network to the outside world, hiding your ip and mapping subdomains to different services on different ports (if memory serves).

I first thought it was using wireshark but after watching that video it doesn’t seem to be that one, at least I don’t think so.

If I am completely incorrect and there was no guide video for this any advice would be great.

Current plan is get a domain name point it at a linode $5/month server and let that handle where everything goes inc maybe dyndns if I can self host that.

Services I want to expose to outside of the network this way are basically games servers to my friends (minecraft, v rising, and valheim currently) and maybe jellyfin to my family.

Thanks in advance for any and all answers


Hey friend I was looking into also doing something like this and I believe the video you mentioned is this one.

First time the knowledge vault I’m using now with Foam has saved the day!


If it wasn’t the wire guard video, it’s probably
Forum guide

If you’re trying to run your own cloud, you can look into sandstorm


Brilliant cheers, I shall give both a watch :slight_smile:

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It was the HAProxy-WI one that I was thinking of, cheers, now lots of learning and thinking then setting it up :slight_smile:


I think I like the wireguard option best these days.


I would agree as it would be much more secure, but (and please correct me if I’m wrong) if I wanted friends to log onto a game server and my parents onto a jellyfin server with wireguard, wouldn’t they have to be vpn’d into my network?

I just think setting that up for my parents on a kindle fire tv stick and only having the jellyfin traffic going over my connection would be too much of a pain, especially when something goes wrong with it.