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Seems to be matching pretty well

Fury 1060MHz
1700 3.8GHz

I would think these being user averages, and AMD cards dont seem to have separate results for example for Fury & Fury X, but thats fine

Overall, it seems I am good for standard, maybe high quality.

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RX 580 series
RX 580


Wut about it?
Reference and aftermarket?

Yours seem to be identically named with that upper one, which one you have?

As someone with an RX 460 4GB edition and a Ryzen 5 1600, how playable will this game be? What kind of resolution/settings do you guys think?

Gigabyte RX580

@WolfStrong The information is listed in the OP. You could look at that and compare the base numbers with the playable numbers.

According to the chart, you should be able to run the game on the lowest settings.

Oh wow, the 4K one doesn’t want to run at all… Funny how they made all those benchmarks…

Did the benchmark, and it seems like I may even be able to run it at standard quality, with what I believe to be minor changes to the settings.

I should have beaten 1050, but what do you know… According to this benchmark I barely beat RX550. And I run 270X…
1080p I smack 1050…

2G Vram is what made me upgrade my GTX670. Though now is the time you cant, anyway.

I don’t mind it. Honestly, I don’t play games, that use all the graphics power my 270X provides… I was just curious… I will not play this game. I mean come on… It’s Final Fantasy. It’s not my kind of game. I just tried the benchmark. Funny how it have gameworks, no matter Square Enix have been historically an AMD partner.

I dont understand that choice either but I feel like and everything is indicating, that they have copied CDProjektRED which is good thing

I ran it for shiggles and got 5512 on 1080 High.

Went into the AMD drivers and set tessellation to 8x instead of AMD Optimized and got 6534. GPU is Vega 56 flashed to 64 air BIOS. It did break some of the textures but the 18.2.1 driver is supposed to be game ready for FFXV and I’m on 18.1.1 right now so that could be the issue.

I did it twice on high. Once window mode , and once in full screen mode… Full screen got the higher score.

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Seen that too, but havent seen as large difference, so… I guess its literally % difference :man_shrugging:t2:

Would be interesting to see 10k+ comparison

No 1440p option wtf?